Shakwon Barrett visiting? 2017 PG

Dudley or RD, my first team hearing about this guy. Says he’s visiting Arkansas next week.

Double checking but I think it could be a case of confusing Arkansas with Arkansas-Little Rock.

Yea probably right, the UALR staff is following him on twitter, don’t see any Arkansas staff following him. I also just noticed he was friends with Gabe Obasohan of Southwest Christian.

So, when he says Michigan, could it be Central Michigan or some school like that?

I think Michigan visit is legit. His school tweeted out they were out there recently to watch him. Now that doesn’t mean he has an offer. They could be still evaluating him and just want to get a chance to have him on campus in case they decide to offer.

Did you mean to say AR- Fayetteville? :evil:

You need to quit killing the messenger. This has been discussed at length. The reporters do not want to do that. Upper Management does. Upper management decides what is published for some, not for others. They do not get to audit his posts, so since he doesn’t want to put it, he won’t.

There have been several kids tell me Arkansas is recruiting them and find out later they meant UALR or ASU. I know that sounds crazy but there are kids that don’t know the difference.

Talked to a kid last week or do that that the UA was in LR.

It appears he will visit next week from what I’ve gathered. I wouldn’t say it’s 100% though.

Again, at this time they really like Weathers.

Might be the case, but I’m not ready to say that. I have my reasons.

Reading between the lines seems like you’re trying to tell us there are other guys higher on their list, particularly Weathers, that they are going to try to get on campus first, and Barrett could end up visiting if some of these other guys don’t work out?

FWIW, Watkins is the lead recruiter here.

I wonder will Barrett still visit, since Weathers has announced he’s visiting on the same dates. Would be kinda odd to have 2 guys that’s in the running for the last scholarship on campus at the same time.