Shakwon Barrett making decision tomorrow

So it’s between Arkansas and Tulane it looks like. Doesn’t currently have an offer to Michigan (unless something has changed and it wasn’t announced). Those are the only 3 schools that he’s been involved with lately.

Also, another update from McPherson.

He says Michigan was going to offer if they didn’t land the grad transfer PG they were after. They added that PG yesterday, so Michigan is likely out of the picture. He says he believes Shakwon will be a Hog if he still has a committable offer, but if staff feels good about Hardy or someone else, then Barrett would likely end up at Tulane then.

Is Arkansas offer provisional like Michigan’s making Hardy the priority recruit or have we just determined to add a 2017 PG and have (1) scholarship for 2018???


Is Arkansas offer provisional like Michigan’s making Hardy the priority recruit or have we just determined to add a 2017 PG and have (1) scholarship for 2018???
[/quote]There are two schollies currently available for 2018 even if 2017 slot is filled.


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I asked that question and didn’t get a clear answer. Would like to know, if he only had a provisional and now is choosing us, it’s probably a sign Hardy is going elsewhere.

I will be mowing and doing yard work tomorrow afternoon.


It seems we are going to wait on the Hardy decision, and if he inexplicably picks Memphis or UNLV (both are going to be TURRIBLE next year), we offer the 6’7 Canadian kid at Southwest Christian (Gabe O).

Please tell me you didn’t just quote Sir Chuck

That’s an interesting name to pick out, heard it a few times, and not necessarily as a scholarship guy.

I’m 98% positive that the walk-on candidate was Benson. Gabe has some decent mid-major offers and I can’t see him being a walk-on.

I agree with you there, I thought the walk-on candidate would be Benson as well… makes the most sense, he’s the one guy that really doesn’t have any offers but has a ton of interest and can definitely play at this level. Gabe, just has way too many other options to be a walk-on, as you mentioned.

I’m curious to see how this situation plays out. RD, all but told us Barrett isn’t committing to us tomorrow, that leaves only 1 person with a scholarship that we know about and that’s Hardy. Maybe staff feels really good about him and feel they will beat out UNLV and Memphis. If we don’t get Hardy, it’s going to get real interesting, there’s not many high quality players left, there’s been a few names of interest being thrown out there but that’s it. I wonder do we take a chance on Gabe or Mladen from Southwest Christian. Gabe is a good looking prospect, however he’s another combo F guy, which we already have a ton of those.

McPherson hinted the walk-on was a forward. Isn’t Benson a guard (I know his name was the most talked about as the walk-on)?

I seen what you’re talking about… Basically McPherson said “things are moving forward” when he was referring to the walk-on situation, then someone said is that a hint, and he just laughed it off. I don’t think he was trying to give hints or anything when he said that, the wording just worked out that way. I could be wrong, but that’s the way I seen it.

Didn’t see where he laughed it off, but that explains why the Benson thing took off, now who is Raven Baker? Just committed. Had the bball next to the commitment. Can’t see the pic, don’t know if it’s men’s or women’s. Anyone know?

Edit: RD just retweeted it, female committ.

Here is the tweet:

I never took it that he was referring to a specific position. I also thought/think that it’s a reach to expect the foreign guys to walk-on (not to mention they are going to get mid-major scholarships). I always assumed the hints referred to Benson since he his a local kid and that McPherson dude is always up on the SW Christian campus.

That’s not the tweet, there was another one where he mentioned forward. It’s the one Blu referred to.

Here they are. I can see where someone might think that:

I think he was just being coy.

Yea, that’s how I took it.

I wouldn’t call Canadians foreigners in a practical sense, unless someone is going to build a wall on the northern border.