Shaking my head

What a mess. Literally.

Seen that floating around. I would hate to be a fan tomorrow. Especially one with a lot of liquids from tailgating.


Choosing to use “floating” in your response is awesome! Lol!


What restroom/shower facilities are available for the players and coaches?
UA…Campus of Champions

And, it’s our record 6th time going!
At least we got some practice in, lol.
What a joke.

We need to beat Drinkwitz’ and Mizzou’s ass like an unwanted pet next year. Hang half a hundred in each half on those bastards for forcing us to play in this bowl.

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I find it interesting that they are obviously trying to reassure everyone that things will be fine at the game tomorrow, no problems, they are competent enough to handle it…

…yet they have three #1s on their press release list.


Total dumpster fire, but we did this to ourselves.

Just stop losing to MF’ing Mizzou!

Enough already.

It is shameful getting beat by Missouri. In any sport.


Here’s the thing about the Mizzou game. They see it as a rivalry game and we don’t. Reminds me of basketball in the late 90’s. Ole Miss saw us as a rival and we didn’t. We turned our noses down to them and they usually handed us our heads during that span. Until we take Missou more seriously, they will continue to be us.

What the fans think about the game or the rivalry means exactly zero. I see no reason to believe the players don’t take Misery seriously, but for whatever reasons the Tiggers do just enough to win.

“Continue to BE us”???

A lot of it is us. But how can we explain losing to a team that for the most part does not have more talent than us. And observing the last several games, theTigers have shown more enthusiasm and effort than we have. So, in my opinion, they do take the game more seriously than we do.

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I saw plenty of proof this past November that the players had no interest at all in the MO game. They gave almost 0 effort, and the Oline forgot to show up at all. They were a total disgrace. Now, what is left of them is getting to reap their reward. I can handle losing, but I cannot handle lack of effort.


I’m not sure the Missouri outcome had any effect on Arkansas being sent to Memphis. I posted here frequently in November that the Liberty Bowl had made it pretty clear it wanted Arkansas if the opportunity arose. That bowl has had SEC teams with seven and eight regular-season wins in recent years; it’s not just a 6-6 destination.

I think when the Razorbacks beat Ole Miss it became pretty obvious where the most likely destination was going to be.

Reminds me of SMU in the 90’s…


Back to the original topic. It would appear to this ole country boy, that the Little Sombrero, barely has a pot to pee in. Not sure why an Arkansas bank would want to slap their name on that place anyway.

That’s on the city not the stadium or Liberty Bowl people.

The stadium is about to undergo $200 million in renovations. I do not think it will look like the same place in a few years.

Maybe it will look like Tampa Bay’s current stadium.

I can only guess how the women and girls attending the game feel about those porta-potties. Lots of “hovering” will be going on.