Shaking my head, Sooner version

I know some Paperclip fans who are convinced that Saban turned down the Cotton Bowl because he didn’t want to play OU in Jerry World. He didn’t have to. Committee assigned it for him. But these people are actually gloating about it.

What if the committee didn’t assign it? Who cares? No coach would choose to play an opponent in his backyard. It’s supposed to be a neutral site. PaperClips have lost their minds.

They’re Sooners, aren’t they?

The committee assigns the bowls in consultation with the No. 1 team. What is most convenient for No. 1? That has been the case since the playoff began.

There was thought that Alabama would choose the Cotton Bowl because it is slightly closer to Tuscaloosa than the Orange Bowl, although not by much. I do think Alabama chose the Orange so that Oklahoma would have less of a fan presence.

Sooner fans should be happy going to the Orange Bowl. Nebraska and OU practically took turns living there in the 70s and 80s.

Oklahoma couldn’t beat Bama if they played in Norman.

The stupid sooner fans are going to see a real beatdown. This will not be a 7 on 7 game.

That is why those fans are known by some as gooners.

I don’t understand why so many think Oklahoma will get “beat down” in this game. Beat? Maybe. Beat down? Not likely with that offense.

Oklahoma holds its own against almost every team it plays, including Georgia last year in the Rose Bowl. I remember when a lot of people said Oklahoma had no shot against Alabama in the Sugar Bowl a few years ago, and Oklahoma ran circles around the Tide.

Totally agree, Matt. Too many SEC colored glasses. Jealousy too. OU knows how to win in football and hire coaches that can win. Arkansas simply doesn’t know how to win. And its coach hiring of recent (Morris) is still an open, wait-and-see issue.

There is more than one way to win a football game. OU’s offense is amazing. Florida/Spurrier amazing, if not better. They can beat Bama. They may not, but they can. You can plan all day to stop Murray, but he won’t be totally stopped.

Actually Alabama could’ve maybe should’ve lost to Georgia twice. I do expect Alabama to beat Okla but it is no sure thing by any means.

Alabama didn’t want to play Oklahoma in Dallas. Made that clear. I wouldn’t either.

As No. 1, you get input.

I don’t think OU will get beat down, but I do think they will get beat.

SEC teams have struggled to beat Oklahoma in bowl games the last several years. Now Clemson is another story, completed wipeouts over the U of O in the early Orlando bowl game, then the same in the Orange Bowl a year or so later.

Alabama is certainly beatable. Georgia was putting it on them pretty good. That missed field goal by Georgia should have made it 31-14. Georgia clearly outplayed Alabama for 3 quarters, but they forgot about the 4th quarter. The way Tua was playing it was a blessing he went out. Hurts came in and saved the Tide.

Oklahoma will put up a fight but Bama will show them a defense they haven’t faced this year. It may be a close game for a while but I expect the Tide to run the ball at who’ll right down Boomer Sonners throats and make them like it. Control the ball and clock and wear out a very poor defense.
I’m not a fan of either team or either coach.
I could care less if they play on the moon.

I think Alabama will win a close game. I expect it to come down to the last drive of the game, another thriller. Of course, the key is that Tua gets healthy.

There is one thing that worries me about this game from an Alabama perspective, the post-Heisman slump. I expect Tua to still win it, although there are some who think Kyler passed him Saturday. Maybe so.

But the drive of the one who did not win will be significant. The one who wins will have the ultimate high for a week or two. How does that affect preparation? It sometimes does.


We shall see. I don’t think it will be all that close. If they can get Tua well from his nagging injuries, he rips OU.