Shakeup in the batting order

Casey Martin will leadoff today and Jax Biggers has been moved to the 9-hole. Luke Bonfield is batting third and Carson Shaddy fifth.

I was just thinking might be time to take some pressure off Jax so I like the move,I am not a big Bonfield fan at all and was hoping he would be dropped in the order but we will see.

Sometimes it’s about getting L-R combinations. Dave Van Horn knows not to have a bunch of righthanders bunched together. At this level of college baseball (and I’d say SEC compares with Double A), there are too many moves for the opposition manger that has lots of righthanded pitching in his bullpen to leave too many righthanders in a row. Dave won’t do that and neither would I. You can do what you want in high school baseball – hit five straight righthanders. Not that big a deal because you know you are probably going to get the starter for six of the seven innings. Not like that in the SEC.

nobody who knows anything about baseball is going to stack 5-6 guys that bat RH unless you are facing a lefty,High school ball got nothing to do with it,we got guys coming up in key situations who right now are almost automatic outs.

Baseball can become a fever. Intense and full of nuance.

Rather see Shaddy in 3 hole, then Kjerstad and Bonfield. Same on Bonfield takes way to many pitches.
Is there a reason Koch is so far off plate, he doesn’t look good at all on balls away.

You’ve made your dislike of Bonfield quite clear. Meanwhile, Luke has a good chance for .300 BA, (well over) .400 OBP and .500 slugging percentage with 9-10 HRs and 40 RBI. I’m pretty happy with someone who gets on base 43% of the time and has some pop. That is a VERY good college baseball season and yet you whine about him pretty much nonstop.

I will say anything I want to say PIG. I would like Bonfield a lot more if he didn’t take pitches right down the middle and for all your don’t mean anything stats DVH you know the Head coach basically said the same thing I have threatening to bench him.I like the guy a lot and he can do MUCH better if he will just swing the bat…all I’m saying.

I love the way Van Horn builds a lineup and when you stack 3-5 righthanders back to back, that is how they do it in high school - not the SEC. Just asking for trouble if you do that. Makes it to easy for pitching to get the favorable lineup.

I have been around baseball all my life and every good baseball man I’ve known says the same thing. Oh well, I am not going to change your mind. You are not going to change any old-time baseball folks, either.

Not trying to change anybody’s mind Clay! You keep alluding to HS as if I haven’t been followed baseball all my life! I know the game! just because you haven’t coached at the college level doesn’t mean anything. I just got through saying anybody who knows baseball knows you don’t put 5-6 straight hitters together and I never said that I don’t know why you’re hung up on that! all I said is we need to put Bonfield down in the order to he starts hitting. By the way the WORLD CHAMPION Houston Astros first 4 batters in the lineup all bat right handed so it can be done if you got four good hitters. The Rangers last three hitters are all right handed

Of course you will. You do over and over and over. It’s just funny. I think Clay said you’re way off base much nicer than I do, so I’m just gonna let it go.

You can’t stand Bonfield. At this point it’s a fairly irrational stance against a solid but not spectacular player. That’s fine. It fits your M.O.

At various times this season you’ve alternately wanted to sit Casey Martin, Dom Fletcher and Bonfield. Now you’ve turned to Koch. I’m shocked you didn’t turn to Jax after this week.

It kinda speaks for itself at this point. It’s your thing.

I say quite a few positive things but you never comment on those that’s why u have 0 credibility with me… I never said we should have five or six right-handed hitters I don’t know where he got that from I just said we should Bonfield down to he start hitting dont know where he got I said we should that five or six RH hitters then try to make me look bad by saying it’s done it only in high school yet the world champion Houston Astros have four straight right hand hitters to start off the lineup. The only thing I’ve ever said negative about Casey Martin was his glove so don’t come at me with that crap! Have never mentioned taking Fletcher out of lineup.Koch is the worst hitter we have right now why I’m glad MSU has 2 LH pitchers this weekend should help him a lot.

OK, you have your opinion. I may have stretched the number of righthanders in a row. Main thing, baseball is the kind of game that there are one million ways to do it. There is no right or wrong way. Good managers do it different ways and all get success. Bad ones can’t ever get it right, no matter if they do it one way or another. I know Dave Van Horn goes by his gut sometimes. And, his gut is right a lot of the time.

I’ll give you kudos for having a lot of baseball knowledge. Way more than I have. (Most on here know more than me.) You give valuable insight. However, I don’t think you give the coaches enough credit for having more insight than you have. You might understand the game of baseball as well as they do. It’s possible, but not likely, you even understand it better than they do. But you cannot possibly understand this team or any of their teams as well as they do. They work with the players daily. They know each’s capabilities better than anyone. They know if they’ve got a slight injury. They know what they’ve told the players & know how they’ve responded. They know when it’s time to say something publicly & when to keep it inside the locker room.

Everyone second guesses something a player or coach does occasionally. Even me, a very unsophisticated observer, does it from time to time. We all know when a player is in a slump or is hitting well. We also know when a pitcher is getting batters out or allowing too many hits or walks. Some us, probably like you, might understand why–standing to far from the plate, a change in pitching motion, etc–but we might not understand what options are available on this team. A competent coach does.

One thing we can all agree on, I think, is that DVH is a tremendously gifted coach who puts together great staffs. I’m confident he knows what Bonfield is doing, failing to do, or why he’s doing it.

Notorious & Wiz have both opined in the last week or two that you post lots of negative stuff. I haven’t said it, but I’ve noticed that about you, too. It’s there. I can usually predict when it’s coming. But, you’re also right: you’re not simply a negative nelly. You have a lot of positive posts, too. It’s just that when a team is doing as well as ours is, it’s a bit unusual to expect as much negative as you tend to post. Clay’s post about the batting order was a perfectly sensible & insightful response to yours. You didn’t come out & say it, but the tone of your post was that only your idea of why DVH might have changed it is the only possible one. Furthermore, that he waited too long to do it.

I like reading your posts. You’re a good source for things I don’t think about in these things, but you seem to go on & on about players you’ve decided have a weakness you don’t like. In the case of Luke Bonfield, the issue you have with him is one DVH addressed a couple of weeks ago. I bet Dave knows if Luke is responding. I think he is from the last few at bats I’ve seen, but that’s just my observation. But either way, I know DVH will figure out the best options.

Neastarkie, you make many good points. I will also add that there is no sport around that causes more second guessing than baseball. Any other sport involves many moving parts on any play. Baseball is a lot of one-on-one. Those match-ups are scrutinized and dissected by all of us: coaches, reporters, fans, etc.
It’s true of every level of baseball.

Marty is right. Second guessing is what makes it fun. So everyone continue to have fun and remember that there are many ways to skin the cat in baseball. Mainly, I just want to skin Tigers.

This year versus last year. Well, last year I really liked Biggers’ approach at the plate. He was our best at putting the bat on the ball…and finding an open gap. At 338 last year he was #7 in the SEC. I had high expectations for Biggers’ performace in 2018… Thus far, well, I’ve been stunned by the year over year performance of Shaddy. He’s picked up his average by nearly 90 points. Wow. Shaddy definitely needs to be nearer the top of the batting order than #9.