Shake up the starting line up too?

Since it appears that DVH has rolled the dice and is starting Kopps, will he also change up the line up? I could see rolling Welch to the leadoff spot. Bumping Franklin down. Also move Moore up a few places to 3 or 4.

I wouldn’t want Welch to leadoff. I want to see him drive in 3 runs, not 1.

I would swap Moore for Franklin. He’s been hot also. But then again, I’m just an observer. Cancelled fishing today. Hope it pays off. :fish::fishing_pole_and_fish::joy:

I think Goodheart plays right and leads off. Franklin is back in center but he might be bumped down to 5th. I’d hit Charlie 3rd or 4th the way he’s raking. Maybe Moore in the 2 hole? We need Wallace to get back in the groove too. Glad Slavens seems to have shaken off the rust.

I think Franklin is getting close to figuring it out, he fouled several back yesterday and that usually means he is seeing it well. Would love for him to have a great day his last game at Baum

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I was right about Goodheart. Wallace, Slavens, CF, Moore, Smith, Welch, Opie, Battles.

Bet we have to wait on Tennessee game before we play on ESPN2, even though they are killing LSU. the dreaded ESPN News.

They should move TN/LSU to news. But they won’t.

Yep now 15-6 bases loaded one out for Tennessee but I see them not switching.

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We look flat again, NC State is a really good hitting team and not intimidated at all by Kopps. I am still in hope but we are flat and need a spark really quickly

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