Shaka Smart to take Marquette job

Probably was seeing the writing on the wall at UT.


A couple of years ago when Sampson at UH & Beard at TT were discussed as possibly our next coach, it was understood that Beard would remain in Texas, most likely at his ut alma mater.

However, IU has Beard on their short list of candidates.

That is a smart move by Coach Smart.

He got this done on his own terms


There may be a bidding war for Chris Beard between Texas and IU. We’ll see who wants him more.

IU alum paid $10 million to rid themselves of Archie so they were serious about a change. They have 3 good candidates with IU ties so that may be their direction. Hopeful Muss is not also in the mix.

Smart knew his days were numbered. Beard will likely land at ut with his ties to TX & to ut. However, with their weak BB following at ut & their stadium downsize, seems ut would be a hard sell to land a top coach. Had wondered if TT & IU might bid on Knight - if he was younger.

I will just be gobsmacked is Muss leaves Arkansas for anyone right now. Could be wrong of course. But I would be really, really shocked.

Beard worked for Bobby and Pat Knight at TTech. That’s all the IU ties he needs.

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I think you’re going to see a lot of basketball teams downsize their arena capacities, including Arkansas at Bud Walton Arena. The demand for tickets is not what it used to be, so the empty space is being repurposed for club and suite areas, for which there is great demand.

Kentucky, Florida and Tennessee have already done it to existing arenas, and Auburn did it when it built its new arena about 10 years ago, and that’s just in the SEC. Assembly Hall at Indiana had its capacity scaled back slightly during its most recent renovation.

Assume most of the downsizing is at the Southern schools, primarily SEC & Big12 while the Big10 schools seem to have bigger crowds. As expected KY, usually sells out & approx. 1k seats larger than BWA. Expect SEC & ESPN tv coverage of games is the source of lower attendance. That is disappointing since BB with Sutton live at Barnhill was loud & exciting with rabid UofA fans back in my college days at UofA.

IU by far has the strongest fan base in Big10 (by ticket sales), per consistently selling out 17.2k, win or lose. IU initially planned to demolish AH & build a larger stadium but remodeled due to cost. They have focused on not overly commercializing the games which has added to the fan experience.

Interested to see the BWA attendance this Fall without the pandemic & with high expectations after Muss success with basketball.

I have not heard Muss’s name mentioned by any talking head on TV or on Twitter regarding the Indiana job. However a lot have mentioned Beard and Muss in that order for the UT job.

I’ve seen several website stories listing Muss as an IU candidate. So much so that Danyelle addressed it the other day on the radio.

The IU AD is doing a good job of avoiding leaks so far.

By the way, when Justin harassed Kyler Edwards into missing that layup at the end of the game Sunday, it put $250,000 in Muss’ pocket as a Sweet 16 bonus.

Maybe that’s why he jumped on the scorers table!!!

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I’d jump on something if somebody gave me $250K!

I also thought on the previous attempted layup by TT, Arkansas got a payback call for the sequence of bad calls against the Hogs in the closing minutes of the 2017 2nd round against UNC

Actually, according to stories written at the time Muss signed in 2019, making the Sweet 16 gives him a $250K RAISE, so it’s not just a one-time chunk. Then his second Sweet 16 is a $250K bonus. The Final Four would be another $100K raise and the NC $150K on top of that, so a total of $500K.

But he’s about to get a helluva lot more than a $500K raise anyway,

Wasn’t UT was suppose to build a new arena? The Drum is way too old. The concourse is the width of Barton Coliseum.

Opens in April 2022.

Dudley? I figure you would know. 2 years ago, Beard would have been our coach had he not made it to Final Four? Supposedly, we couldn’t keep waiting. I’m hoping we leave Indiana the same way this weekend. Would love to see UIC and Us make the Final 4 and watch Hoosiers squirm

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