Shades of the A&M game

Baltimore’s Tyler Huntley tried to dive over the top for a QB sneak touchdown. Cincy knocked the ball out and DT Sam Hubbard returned it 98 yards for a touchdown. I had a flashback to KJ at JerryWorld watching it.


Yep you beat me to it Jeff… course ours was about the 3 yard line LOL but exactly the same type play

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Watched it and posted it, then I checked and saw your post…

I was trying to decide on where to post it.

Me too. Exact same result. As a KC fan, it really sucked. Superman is a comic book hero.

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BTW a 2 point conversation in the NFL changed to the 2 yard line? Maybe I just never watched?

I think it always has been. The kick used to be from the 2 too, then they moved it back to the 15.

Remember, until 1994 the NFL didn’t have two point conversions at all. You could line up and run a play (but why?) but it would still only be one point.

And just like JerryWorld, that play cost the Ravens the game.

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I bet KJ broke out in a cold sweat if he watched that game last night. It was just like the play in the A+M game.

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I had never seen that play before, and never thought I would see it again. Crazy.

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One of the things that coach B got right was telling his players that we carry the ball across the goal line, we do not reach it across. There are a few times when you might try that, but not very often. We well know why.

One thing the Bengals play lacked that ours had was the hand off as the player was being tackled, but the results were the same.

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Imagine the Razorbacks and Ravens being your two favorite football teams… pain

Speaking of the KJ leap, did any officials comment on the legitimacy of the “hand off”? Just curious if the play should have been blown dead before the handoff due to loss of forward progress? I know what many of us fans thought…lol… just not what officials stated. (that’s assuming we submitted and received a response)

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