Shaddy's error

Carson Shaddy’s error opened the door for Louisiana Tech’s only inning in which it scored runs. Had he fielded a routine ground ball cleanly there would have been two outs with a runner on base. Perhaps the inning goes different in that scenario.

Shaddy now has four errors this season in seven games - two at third base, one at second and one at catcher. He led the Razorbacks with 14 errors last season. He also had a throw that nearly got away from him tonight. It was high but 6-foot-3 Chad Spanberger didn’t have much trouble with it.

As he showed in the ninth inning, Shaddy needs to be in the lineup, but his defense is a liability.

I agree completely. I am glad to see Jaxon Williams at 2B. Shaddy needs to DH.

That seems to be correct to just DH him.
Your not going to win them all but you don’t need to give games away either

I’ll be interested to see if Shaddy stays in the field once Jared Gates is healthy again. Gates can play third well and he’ll be in the lineup if he hits like he did in the preseason.

Is there a video of the error? I am curious if this was routine or would have required a very good play on Shaddy’s part to handle it.

I don’t have video on it. Van Horn even called it routine in his interview with our reporter there last night.

[quote]We boot a routine ground ball, and we throw two bad pitches and – give their hitters credit – they took advantage.

Along with what Matt wrote, the description by Scott Inman on the broadcast supports that. He said that the ball was hit right to Shaddy and Shaddy failed to field it.

I watched on TV. It was as routine as routine gets. Carson would tell you that. Two hops and popped up for him. He just muffed it. He was moving toward it and there was nothing that should have made it tough. He basically dropped it from his glove and left it behind him.

I thought he made two terrific plays at the end of Sunday’s game at third base. I thought, well maybe. But I don’t think it’s a maybe now. It’s mental now. And, most can tell it.

When he gets to pro ball – and he will get there – they can use a season or two to find his best position. Wins and losses are not important in the minor leagues. But they are in college baseball.

I’d say his days of playing in the field at Arkansas are in doubt. I’d think he’d be better utilized at DH. Dude can hit.