Shaddy struggling...

Doesn’t look very good at plate.

Slamming the bat down on that failed bunt wasn’t a good look for him. He hasn’t had a good weekend at the plate or in the field.

Came back with a good swing for an RBI double to the opposite field.

Last 2 at bats were good and he played very well on defense today.

He hit the ball hard a couple of times. I can remember games when I nailed the pitch every at bat, and went 0-4.

If every player was hot all the time, it would be great. In baseball, good teams have players that take turns being hot. It produces wins.

I was a little more concerned with Spanberger, but it came back around for him at a critical time. I see the same happening for Shaddy as well.
Baseball is a game of cycles for teams and the players. We are cycling upwards at the moment I think.

Here is why hitting goes in cycles. First, it’s about getting good pitches to hit. Even good pitchers make mistakes. When they do, don’t foul them off. And then when you do connect, hope a fielder isn’t there. That determines streaks more than anything. When you get a series of mistake pitches and you are hitting them in gaps, it’s a hot streak. But it can work the other way. You don’t get any mistake pitches and then you do and it is right at em. Luck plays a role. Shaddy is an ultra aggressive hitter. He told me his plan is to do in the pitcher in the first 3 pitches. He said if I don’t get em by then they are probably going to get me.

I had a thought about ultraaggressive hitters watching the Hogs’ softball game with OU last night. Nicole Schroeder, who is (was) the Hogs’ main home run threat with 17 bombs, hit #17 Friday on the first pitch of an at bat. Last night, she came up in a key situation with a new pitcher. New girl threw one right down the middle; Schroeder took it for strike one. Ended up walking in that at bat but did not score. Cranking a grooved pitch out of the park on the first one she saw might have made it a whole different game. Sometimes if you take strike one that’s going to be the most hittable pitch you see.

That’s why there are very detailed scouting reports on hitters tendacies as well as pitchers. By midseason or later you start to see some slumps with good hitters. On the other hand, pitchers start feeling effects of the season with sore or fatigued arms. Kind of a catch 22 there.

My take on this, is when a good hitter starts to have a decline or a slump he may start to change his swing to adjust or be more or less aggressive at the plate. Just a natural reaction and confidence starts to play a major role.

For pitchers I think conditioning is key, but also let the coaches know at the 1st sign of arm soreness or fatigue instead of sometimes trying to work thru it.

It seems that Dallas Keuchel finally got that message. I was glad to see that he let the team know as soon as there was a problem. “Hinch was pleased that Keuchel came to them as soon as he noticed the problem. In the past he has sometimes tried to pitch through problems instead of taking a step back.” -ESPN

I started a thread last week about Spanberger struggling at the plate. Then he hit two HR’s within an hour or so of my post. Just for the record, I plan to bring it up again. :smiley: