Shaddy! Shaddy! Shaddy!

Man we needed that!
Good at bat by Shaddy!

MVP of the series for sure. (Though Fletch made some fine catches in the OF to save some hits/runs).

Shaddy doesn’t want to go back go the #9 hole!

Thank goodness that pitch he took on the hand was – apparently – not all that serious as it first appeared it might be…

Shaddy is a gamer! Ready to play or bat wherever coach puts him. That’s a team player.
Winning the series was a suprise after the way the hogs played Thursday.
Pitching is much improved and man we have a closer.
We need the sticks to wake up and start waking up in key at bats with runners on 3rd and less than 2 outs.
The defense has really showed up in this series. We have all been talking about the unearned runs allowed by the hogs it’s a good thing they didn’t allow those today when there wasn’t much wiggle room.

All in all this was a great day for the hogs! Great pitching and defense and just enough offense to win. After tomorrow we will at least be tied with Ole Miss for the top of the SEC West.

We were due a series in which the bats were not exactly on fire, especially in situational hitting. The offense will pick back up. But perhaps now the pitching staff feels like it can compete even if the offense has an off game or two.
Hopefully Vandy hands Ole Miss at least one loss Sunday to help us stay alone in first place in the SEC West.