Shaddy likely out vs. Texas Tech … ch-series/

Shaddy said athletic trainer Corey Wood has not let him do any bat work since Saturday. Jack Kenley could see time at second, and Jared Gates may slide to third as Casey Martin is dealing with a hip flexor issue.

I’m not at all surprised at this. Even if it is “just pain” that’s going to hamper someone who must use his hands to be effective. I just hope the pain goes away by this weekend. I’m not sure it will. He’s been clobbered twice on those hands (or that hand) lately. I bet it hurts like hell.

kind of figured that,he has taken 2 really hard hits on the hands.good to let him rest up and get to feeling better

He said it was the right hand this time. It was the left the last time, but this time it caused a really bad a catusion that is painful. I’m sure he’d agree with you that it really hurts. Needs to rest.

Can’t grip a bat right now. I don’t think he can throw either. He was out there fielding ground balls Monday with his left hand and his right hand in a protective glove.

By the way, I saw Cole Turney launch three (for homers) in batting practice. One hit right in the middle of the scoreboard. He’s still got a brace on his bad ankle. I am guessing the ask for and get a medical hardship on Turney. Of course, he had shoulder surgery in the summer and can’t throw. He could DH, but he was ineffective early this season when he tried to hit.

I think a couple of weeks of rest for Shaddy and, well any of the starters for the next 10 days would be a good thing for our final run! Let’s just let the backups get some playing time and rest up for the rest of the regular season and post season. These Hogs have been on a brutal stretch the past month or so.