Shaddy Injured -- minor ankle sprain

Carson Shaddy left the game after the final out in the fourth inning. He appeared to injure his ankle on a slide into second. Earlier in the game, Shaddy had made two terrific plays on grounders to record outs in what was his best defensive game of the season. He’s made seven errors, but those plays – one to his left, one to his right – were gems. He was replaced by Jaxon Williams at second to start the fifth inning. He was helped off the field, unable to put hardly any weight on that side. He did walk limp and walk out of the dugout up the ramp to the clubhouse.

The word now is that it’s a minor ankle spain. But he’s done for today.

I hope he will be ok! Will you update his stays later

It has been confirmed as an ankle sprain. Word from the dugout is that it’s diagnosed as minor.

An interesting point was made on the radio broadcast (during one of the FEW moments when I was able to get it) that Shaddy seems to make the difficult plays at 2B. They said that most of his errors have come on routine plays. I think that they are right.

I agree, but in college no one gives you an error on a difficult play. It is ALWSYS ruled a hit. I’ve scored many games. Pretty much standard operating procedure. You only give errors on routine plays. He has booted too many routine plays, plain and simple.

Considering all of that, his arm is healthy and he will learn to relax and trust it. And as he plays more at second, he’s going to get better.

FYI, his dad once made four errors in one game for Hogs. He’s yet to do that

That reminds me of Michael Bernal at shortstop. He made some some really great, athletic plays there, but also booted a lot of easy ones.