Sha'Carri Richardson and her ban

I know this is not Razorback related, but we are sorta in a sports dead period except for portal watching so I thought I’d take a minute here to rant (or rather express my opine) to see if others had any thoughts on the matter.

Just to catch you up…

She got caught on a drug test for smoking weed. Claimed with the death of her mother recently, she smoked weed even though she knew it was a banned substance. Long and short, she got banned. The ban is long enough she will not be able to compete in her prime event at the Olympics, but it could be over by the time some of the relays are done so she could make it there.

There have been a ton and I mean ton of people screaming about this saying it was BS because weed is not performance enhancing. Weed should not be banned and she is getting cheated. Some even went as far as throwing out the race card and saying look at Michael Phelps, he does weed and look at all the Olympic glory he was allowed to compete for.

My position is this…

She did it. She knew it was a banned substance. Actions must have consequences. Should it be a banned substance… probably not, but currently it is banned. Since its currently in the banned substance list, she got exactly what she deserved. Is it sad for her… yes, but hundreds of other athletes all seem to manage to say no to weed. The uproar should be to amend the rule, not give a free pass to the rule breaker. Until its off the list, the rule is you get banned.

Now as far as the racial accusations that I’ve seen cropping up by comparison to Michael Phelps, I gotta call BS on that one too. Phelps got tested a lot. He never once (to my knowledge) tested positive at an Olympics or Trials. Yes, he did test positive for weed and had a video showing him smoke weed, but that was AFTER the Olympics. He also received a ban as he should have and he also lost quite a few of his sponsorships costing him a good chunk of change. Still trying to compare Phelps to Sha’carri is like Apples to Oranges.

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