Several Thoughts after the KY game

Here are my thoughts.

I would not trade any player in our rotation for any player in the KY rotation. I know 34 for KY is great but I wouldn’t have the heart to sit Wade or any other Razorback player if you could put him on the roster starting tomorrow. There is not another KY player that could take the spot of any other Hog right now. .I was not that impressed by KY other than 34.

The Razorback basketball staff is hard to deal with on game days. If you watch them during the game, time-outs, crucial moments, they are all doing their jobs at a maximum level. They all have a role and they do their job well. Smart is constantly talking to Muss. Ronnie is always talking to players during timeouts. They bring their A game night in and night out. We have the best staff in the SEC.

If it was possible, I would pay good money to watch Corliss from 94 play tshiebwa one on one. I think 34 in red and white would win that game 8 out of ten times.

K Johnson gave the hogs some great minutes yesterday. He contributed in a big way during the 2nd half.

J will played his best in the last 5 minutes of the game. He will play tshiebwa better the next time they meet especially if he isn’t sick. He has to understand what tshiebwa is doing that makes him so effective.

The mental toughness of this team is unreal. It is going to take a team that just can’t miss to beat this team in the tournament. I don’t see them getting muscled around by anyone.

We need another big man 6-9 or taller that can play the 5 or 4 spot.

Gonna be fun to watch this team play in the NCAA tournament.

Muss will win a NC at AR if he keeps recruiting at the current level.


Your first sentence and your third to last paragraph (sentence) are a paradox.

Tschiebwe is the possible National POY. Plug him in the lineup next to J Will, and we would be favored to win it all. Wade and Kamani would provide nice spot minutes for those 2.

Agree with your last statement whole heartedly. It’s not easy to win a championship, but I won’t be surprised if Coach Muss wins more than one.


I said I wouldn’t have the Heart to sit a current player for 34. My other sentence was about recruiting. Surely you could put those two together.


Oscar is the only Kentucky player I wish we had, but I wouldn’t trade JWill for him.


Oh yes, I put those thoughts together. :grin:
That’s why I’d recruit Tschiebwe to fill out my roster…… and (as much as I’m a Wade fan) I wouldn’t have the same hesitation as you in plugging Oscar in the starting lineup for Trey.

I agree about use staff. But man, 34 at the 5 would be awesome. That’d allow JWill to play the 4, what a front court! Wheeler and Tyty are total studs. Muss our coached the squid, but their roster has more NBA players. Next season will be more equal footing.

Agree that I wouldn’t trade JWill or JD for anyone


I don’t think I would trade Devo for any of their guards.


We have a mix that works, they won’t win every game the rest of this year and I don’t think there’s one of those teams in the country this year. I’m thrilled that we have such a hard nose approach to the game and can’t say enough about the defense of this team. For all Kentucky has they don’t have continuity enough of the time to be what their talent level says they should be and may never have it with this team. I’m not sure if Ky players doesn’t figure it out themselves that Calapari can help them out, he just doesn’t seem to have a handle on coaching guys up like he did at one time. On the other hand Muss is coaching our guys up and building their confidence while understanding their role on the team. Muss has done a outstanding job of rebuilding this team from last year to say the least. WPS

I wouldn’t trade any of our guards for the Kentucky guards. Our team is full
Of team players. That’s what it takes to win! Toney, Umude, and Devo play vital roles on defense in every game! JD and J Williams might get most of the attention but the entire hogs team beat the Squid! I’m like most I wouldn’t trade anyone on our current roster for other players this season. Our hogs May not have the star power that Kentucky has but where did it get them last season or to this point this season? If you look at the recruiting rankings Kentucky shouldn’t get beat by any team in the SEC! Our hogs have won more games in the past 3 years than any team in the SEC.
Muss can get it done and I think he will soon. It wouldn’t suprise me to see our hogs make it to the final 4 this season.
They play tough defense. The offense is off and on but on any night the hogs can have 5 players in double figures scoring. It takes a team to win.

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That’s part of the equation, the mystery equation. Magic formula. I have said several times 5 guys in double figures scoring = a very good team.

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