Several things

They seem to have found something on offense in the fourth quarter.

Had time to throw
Made some nice plays

I would like to know what was the intention on our last kickoff. Yes Kirk ran the last one back for TD, but we had really had good kick coverage all day before that.

You throw all that away to pooch kick?
Surely it was not executed properly…
I assume he was supposed to at least pop it up down to about the 35.
If the intention was to give them the ball at midfield that is just stupid.
Kick it out of bounds and give it to them on the 35 if you are afraid to kick deep.

Again, I haven’t heard what the explanation was so I apologize if already answered.

AA sort of redeemed himself for a while, then made a bad decision to throw into coverage.

All in all another gut punch choke job to the Aggies

hard to tell TAMU is not a good defense and our D is so bad its not going to matter…I will watch the games with no expectations but it’s a sad time for us right now…

TCU is better than some of us thought.

Up 20-10 at halftime at Oklahoma State.

Intent was plainly obvious. Avoid the malpractice of kicking it deep to Kirk. It was actually one of the few good decisions they made.

Kicker didn’t quite kick it far enough and they missed 2 tables but give me a walk on with the ball and 2 guys there to tackle him over kick it perfectly to Kirk for a return with a wall of blockers and head of steam all day.

I think they did what they wanted with it, but two people miss tackles, one going for a knockout hit instead of wrapping up. The sad thing is we still had them with fourth-and-5(?) and let them pick up an easy conversion on a slant pass.

If they did what they wanted to it was a mistake.

The ball never got past the 45
Kick it out of bounds if you don’t want a return
Would have put them at the 35 to start

I don’t think it was a bad thought, but was bad execution.

I would have just kicked it out of bounds at that point.

Kirk had some 260 all-purpose yards.

We have a way of letting teams with 1 guy you can’t let beat you beating us.

It wasn’t a bad mistake. It was poorly executed. Go watch it. A walk on caught the ball over his shoulder at the 35 (should have been more like the 30) and 2 guys had him dead to rights and he broke the tackles. Bad kick. Bad tackles.

But you saw Kirk go 100 right before that, right? It still amazes me that out of 20,000 students at UA we can’t find one that can consistently kick a touchback.

That’s what I saw. And I agree about the kicker. Surely, someone can consistently hit 70-yard kickoffs.

Did not get the win and that’s disappointing however I did like the aggressive play calling on the offense with the different sets with Hayden, Kelly and other plays. I felt the aggressive play calling got us to 21 points on the board then we started playing conservative and they got back in the game before half and captured the momentum. I think we have a better d than last year but it’s imperative that we learn how to blitz and get to the opposing Qb with more pressure, their inside slant pass bailed them out several times. Overall I think we had the best effort overall since we played Mizzou last season, I know it’s not a win but I did see some improvement. What I wanted to see today out of this team was more effort and aggressive play calling and I saw that today even if it was a small step and it was in the right direction and that’s where turning things around begin. We have a tough road ahead and we need to support the team the best we can even if that means saying nothing. WPS

There was a holding that was not called on A&M that got Kirk to the outside on that kickoff. Watch the replay and you will see it. We gave that game away playing not to loose. Heck even if Kirk runs another one back you still have a chance with the ball
No emphasis on special teams and it shows.

Remember Little, McClard, Cox, Ordonez, Lahay, Wright, etc?- currently most every team can kick it deep into or out of the end zone like we used to - keep thinking kicking will improve but just doesn’t seem to be a priority.

But it was a bad thought. Krik has killed us for 3 years in a row with his playmaking ability. Why give him a chance?

This is 100% right. It was a total fluke that the walk-on (#12) wasn’t plastered and downed at the Aggie 35. We had 2 guys on him and another one of our guys came in from the runner’s right side like a rocket - unfortunately, he just launched his body at the ball carrier and did not wrap him up with his own arms… When he hit the ball carrier, he knocked our other guys off of him and catapulted the Aggie into motion. Our other defenders, thinking they had witnessed his tackle, momentarily had slowed down, allowing #12 to run around them for 15 yards before they caught up to him and completed the tackle.

If you want to see REAL squawking, just imagine the comments of our fans if we had kicked deeper (so that Kirk could get the ball again) after what he had just done to us. Remember that’s what we did last year vs. TCU and their midget speedster returned it 70 yards or so, setting up what would have been a winning FG if Dan Skipper hadn’t have blocked it.

As others have said - good plan, poor execution . . . and some plain bad luck.