Several schools cutting sports teams

I saw this morning that East Carolina in the AAC has cut 4 sports.
I have heard other smaller schools have cut programs in our area, such as, Furman baseball program. From ECU press release, “68 student-athletes and nine coaches, will be impacted. ECU had led the American Athletic Conference with 20 sports (following the departure of Connecticut) and will now have 16 sports — the NCAA-required minimum for Division I FBS schools.” per ECU press release.

Economics will force the SEC to play. The question is will the schools voluntarily give money back to season ticket holders who have decided with the threat of COVID and the economic slowdown is a reason to not wanting to attend. Also, will CBS and ESPN be able to pay the agreed amount in the contracts.

Senator Pryor may have been correct on adding the debt for the stadium expansion.

Very tough decisions and expect to see major changes for the future.