Several reports that Musselman to Arkansas deal is about done...

Jeff Goodman, Evan Daniels and Jon Rothstein all reporting it.

Suits me right down to the ground

Not my first or second choice, but I do like Musselman. We need him to pull in some of those transfers like he’s known to do.

Curious to see what his plan for recruiting is, long term. I do think he was the best option for recruiting of the names we’ve talked about.

Welcome to the hill, WPS!

Bring it on

Welcome Coach


Ha, my wife even got a text announcing the hire, but I can’t find it anywhere other than rumors. No confirmation at 10:41 eastern.

Welcome. I am excited for next yr if true


I sure hope it’s true!!

Lets roll!!

Appears to be done. … 42656?s=21

Not the sexiest hire to the casual fan, but I think it’s a good hire.

Hopefully he will be allowed to perform before we condemn or anoint him as … whatever.

I think some of the criticisms and anointingS of his recruiting should be put on hold bc recruitiNg to Nevada IS different than recruitiNg to Arkansas.

I think he gets it from a internet/ marketing perspective and I think that will help him in recruiting tho.

Hopefully the search is over and he hits the ground running … first re-recruitiNg who he wants to keep on campus.

Didn’t he just sign a 5star to Nevada? What becomes of him?

The 5 star, Jordan Brown, just finished his freshman season. I’m sure Muss could find a scholarship for him if he wants to come along.

He’s exactly what we need too. I wonder if he could find a waiver too.

Brown wasn’t a huge contributor this season: 3.0 ppg, 2.1 rpg, about a half-block per game, played 10 minutes a game. Had a double double vs UALR in November and scored 16 in their next game, then never had double figures again. Do not know if there were injury issues, although he played in all but one game. You’d think a McD AA would figure it out eventually though.

I’m totally O.K. with this coaching hire, from the first day the Arkansas job was open I thought and said that if they could hire Musselman or Oates the program could be turned into a top 25 team once again. IMO, this is a far better hire than Sampson would’ve been and I believe Razorback fans need to simply allow him to get to work and build a roster.

Go Hogs!

Not my choice at all…virtually no college recruiting experience…

Perhaps the best our AD could do in the bad situation that was created.

I didn’t know much about Musselman when this search first started, but Oats was someone on my radar early. After looking up Musselman over the last 2 weeks I’ve liked what I keep seeing. I think he’s gonna end up being a very good hire.

What was he bad situation that was created?