Several points

1st of all a tip of my hat to this team, the players, managers, coaches everyone behind the scenes. I have been watching Razorback BB since and early age. Then in 1973 forward I have been all over the country to watch the hogs play. This year is special. I had season tickets for 33 years till I started falling down the stairs due to my bad knees.

2nd I would like to give a special shoot out to Clay Henry and DD , Marty and the complete staff that has brought the BB team games to real life. Inside stories, personal stories, just priceless.

3RD I do not like the set up in playing all the games in Indiana. Might be special but now how do we drive to OK City, Dallas, Tulsa etc. to be a part of March Madness. You will never convince me this year might have been fun but those gym rats had no place to work on their game just taking shots. Practice makes perfect.

4th A tip of my hat to HI and all our contributors . Also I don’t think I have been up to parr. Tired legs. God Bless tiredhogfan and others who passed away this year. If you have the time in your dayy please give me a prayer as I fight 2 bad knees, broken back, bulging disks, a unbelievable neck that has a huge plate in it but the residual pain is almost to much to bear. Prostate cancer. The neck is from a fall 27 feet off a custom house I was building. Mind you I was working in my real job of Whirlpool for 34 years. It’s a goal of mine to fix what I can. My wife says that after all 4 of my knee surgeries, that its taken a bit of my whit and my sharpness away but is slowly coming back. So to go under the knife even more is a big risk. She worries about me to much.

5th Pray for your neighbor and this great land of America and the great State of Arkansas, Go Hogs. The best is yet to come…MT


I feel you Bro. Having surgery #13 or 14 I really can’t remember, on Monday. Shoulder. l will be praying for you my man. You are a beast! Just keep pushing man.

Pain sucks.

Amen, Brother.

Agree on all points!

Mike, you have a lot of prayers. Including mine. Excellent post.

Oh, man. That hurts just hearing about your injuries. Best wishes dealing with them. I had a ruptured disc and my arthritis is getting pretty bad, so I feel your pain. Stay on the forums—they’re good for what ails you!

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