Several people talking about Texas recruiting

As one of the main reasons to hire Chad Morris. I don’t disagree, very important. What about recruiting nationally as well? Lane Kiffin could do this as well.

Venables, Morris and Kiffin can recruit. The recruiting price is the unknown on Norville.
We will have a good head coach when the deal is done. Morris was an OC at Clemson before SMU.
Venables is a great defensive coordinator and has recruited Texas and Oklahoma.
Kiffin is a piece of dynamite that can blow up any time but he can coach and recruit.

I would say we have some pretty good coaches to choose from : Venables, Morris, Norvell, and Kiffin.

Morris and Venables are my favorites because they have both been at Clemson.
Norvell is hot right now but he hasn’t been on the staff of SEC type schools.
Kiffin is intriguing after being on the staff at Bama and USC. The Joey Freshwater stuff is a serious problem.