Several 2021 Arkansas targets make ESPN 300 … class/2021

Just a few I spotted while scanning the list.

DE Landon Jackson- No. 17

Ath. Dreyden Norwood- No. 125

QB Dematrius Davis- No. 140

WR K.J. Liggins- No. 152

RB L.J. Johnson- No. 175

I knew Jackson was highly regarded…but this is a lot higher than I anticipated.

I was thinking the same thing. It looks like we got a really good jump on him, but he’s also able to sit back and see what our team does over the next season. Obviously making a big jump this year (i.e. go bowling and maybe win) would be the best thing we could do to land him. Hopefully, he’ll understand either way, as I think this is going to be another rough season.