Seven Losses--Six to ranked teams

Great post - one of the policemen sent me a PM and I suggested he locate the ignore button if he was so bothered by my opinions. Based on this thread I think he’s having trouble finding it. I guess this is because he likes policing so much!

“Gutted” will be a lot more apt especially if the buyout exceeds $10mm, as Bo is apparently reporting. But that’s just money. The “brutally” concerns the losing mentality of the team that will now take a while to wash off by the next coach, the absence of quality SEC talent across the board, and on offense the fact that the QB talent we do have is immobile and suited for a pro style attack that the new coach won’t run. That will take a while to repair — on the heels of these last two years.

There is not a lack of SEC talent across the board. The team has:

a good group of TEs and RBs, one excellent safety, one CB(Pulley) who is going to play in the NFL and two more freshman at the position who are going to be good players, good RBs, some talent at WR, one LB(Harris) who may well end up being all conference. one DL in Agim who is a very good player and several others who are coming along(Guidry and Marshall for example).Cole Kelley can run a spread offense just fine, and has tended to look more comfortable in a tempo offense. We’ve got a big collection of OGs that will be fine, though the rest of the OL is a big problem.

So the new HC will have some tools to build on, and they did redshirt some talent this year. More LBs, more lineman, and help at safety are needed. There is a chance to have a good year in 2018.

While this discussion has gone beyond useful, I would be happy for Jackson to post my policing PM, as he put it. It was not intended for any other reason other than to take off board a discussion that I hoped would depersonalize a discussion where we had differing opinions. If it came off otherwise, that’s my fault. That was my motive, not sure of anyone else’s. Regarding the ignore option, that was good advice, and I think this is one of the few times I have failed to follow his excellent suggestion.

We have had a lot of injuries. We have most of our team returning next year. Another year for Bieleima to turn this around is a much better option than the
the great unknown of a finding new coach. This is a heck of year to find a new coach when so many other top schools will be looking also.

I agree 100%

If we are so far down the list we may end up with
Smiles again.

How many of those losses were 20+ points?