Seven Losses--Six to ranked teams

Watching the ESPN Playoff program tonight, I noticed that six of our seven losses are to teams in the Top 25. The seventh is Texas A&M at 7-4, not that bad of a season for them, despite all the hype about getting rid of their coach. If it weren’t for the way we lost, it would make me feel a lot better knowing that we lost to some pretty good teams. We were in it for several of them too, just couldn’t finish. Still, by now, we should be one of those Top 25 teams. Had we finished strong last year, we would have been Top 25 post bowl season. But, we didn’t. And, we haven’t executed like a Top 25 school this year. Maybe Coach B isn’t so far off by saying “we’re close”.

Please. He is way, way off. He needs to go. Just accept it and be done. He has gutted this football program. Brutally gutted it.

Maybe Coach B isn’t so far off by saying “we’re close”.
[/quote]I think we’re close…until the second half.

I will never understand people who positively enjoy being negative. Most of us see the failure to meet expectations, but probably many will disagree with your hyper-dramatic “brutally gutted it” description of the state of the program.

That’s absurd. We’ve had a terrible season. No doubt about it, but you’re letting your immature, silly personal hatred of the man take you to ridiculous claims.

We have always had super negative fans (like most team boards I assume), they always seem to be the least knowledgeable, less sophisticated. I could be wrong!

The same 4 or 5 continue to take over threads spouting the same crap

It’s always that way in the SEC West… game after game against Top 25 teams is simply an ongoing reality. Maybe we should have a team that’s in the Top 25 at season’s end to compete, not say we lost to all these good teams and have a tough schedule buys chance after chance. That’s an option this staff hasn’t approached in the last five years.

I contend you are allowing your deep respect and admiration for Bielema cloud your opinion of the program as well. One P5 win in the last year, 11-28 league record, a one point win over the worst team in the Sunbelt.

If the results don’t document a gutted program I don’t what does.

I just think it’s funny how you like to dismiss the opinions posters with whom you disagree because of “their hate for the man” while not stepping back to think perhaps your often stated fondness for him might cause you to be biased as well.

I don’t dismiss the opinions of posters with whom I disagree. I dismiss the opinions of posters who constantly lace their opinions with exaggerated allegations or personal attacks. If my personal admiration for the man did away with my objectivity, I wouldn’t have decided following the Coastal game he needed to be fired. That was subject only to the unlikely event he finished with at least 6 wins. No, I do not think he has gutted the program. People whose opinion I respect & who know more about football than I do believe our best talent is among our freshmen & sophomores. That’s contrary to the claim the program has been “gutted.” In addition to that, I know that injuries have affected our play over the past 3-4 games. They didn’t affect our first 7-8, but losses in those games to teams of the caliber we played don’t suggest a “gutted” program.

Since you’re one of the ones who can’t let any thread go without carping for Bielema’s dismissal, I’d say your prejudice is more in play than mine. But to your credit, even you’re not as obsessed as hawgjawbend.

I think your prejudice is on full display on most threads having to do with Bielema - as is mine. At least I can admit it.

I don’t know Bielema personally. Wouldn’t pretend to say I did. Very few on here really know him.

For all so know he might be an awesome guy, or he may have a few skeletons in the closet that detract from him being the nice, affable guy we see in front of the media.

But I do know that, for whatever reason, he has done a very poor job coaching the Razorbacks the last couple of years. I’ve been saying this a while. And we will see whether this football program has been “gutted.” I think it has. It’s all about play makers and line play, and we ain’t got either. Not up to SEC standards, that is.

Hope I’m wrong. But I generally haven’t been wrong about Bielema’s poor coaching, unlike most of you. And Steinmetz certainly won’t be wrong when he lets Bielema go.

Hold out hope if you want. Y’all have been doing that for the last 5 years, I guess. Another few days won’t matter.

Well, if prejudice is your driving force & you recognize it, you shouldn’t have ever called for his dismissal. Prejudice is no reason to fire a coach.

My driving force is wanting to rid our program of a man that has a pathetic record in this league and western division. He should have been fired after the embarassing finish last season - it was obvious he’d lost the team then and instead we’ve wasted a year before the rebuild can commence. Just a few more days and hope will return.

All of those who count the first year should look at year 2 until now.
The last 2 games of the 16 season blowing leads and then the 17 season not being competive is what has this staff in trouble.
In 16 if the record was 9-4 instead of 7-6
In 15 if the record was 10-3 instead of 8-5
He could have survived this miserable year
Even if it was 4-8 which it probably will end up being. Bottom line the powers at be sent AD Jeff Long down the road and Long stated we are not a win at all cost program.
Well hogs fans want to win! And win the right way.
CBB is a good man and has done admirable at taking care of his business just not enough wins! Friday will probably be his last game as HC. If Gus is hired next we may be in worse shape under his leadership and see him exit in turmoil.
I want the hogs to find a coach that can stability to our program.

As a previous poster acknowledged, this thread and many like it can count on visits from some old standbys, who it seems misunderstand many posters positions. Because one does not insult or trash Coach B, it does not automatically mean they don’t see the need for change. Also because one doesn’t see it necessary to tout themselves, it does not mean they are not smart enough to reach reasonable conclusions on their own and they are certainly not deserving of the condescending tone that some like to use

Yes, :roll:

Jackon Reid more than likely the next Razorback football coach sounds like he never played football or he was one of the last one to get to play from his negative attitude

I just realized that Don has happened upon a very real
possible unlucky door #5. These folks are day companions
with access to the internet. They each have their own
account. Now we just need to find them and alert the
men in white coats so they can put an end to their internet privileges. :idea: :wink:

Don’t let some of these people discourage you. I don’t see anything wrong with what you said. There was nothing personal. You didn’t call him names or call his character into question. The only thing I got from your post is that you think Bielema has failed miserably here and are passionate about Razorback Football. I don’t know if I would use gutted, but I do think he has failed miserably here when it comes to wins & losses. Nothing wrong with what you said though. You are simply sharing your perspective in your words.

The same 4-5 people hijack every thread when someone shares a opposing view. They want to call people childish and dictate to them just how often they’re allowed to express their opinions on why Bielema should be terminated. They say ‘we get it, you don’t like the man. You don’t have to keep posting it over and over.’ They don’t have to keep policing the board, looking for a opportunity to argue with someone, but they do. CITIZENS ARREST!!! CITIZENS ARREST!!! ( lmao) Maybe they have some daddy issues or feel some false sense of entitlement and think they can dictate to others what they think is appropriate and what isn’t. I don’t know what their hang up is. Who knows? Who cares!!? I really couldn’t care less about what some faceless person behind a keyboard says or thinks about me. They don’t know me. The only opinions that matter to me are the opinions of people I know and respect. Otherwise, consider the source. I laugh every time they try the same crap with me. I have literally spit my drink out before when reading a posters comments about me. I think it’s hilarious. I have shown my friends some of their posts on several occasions. They are nothing more than entertainment for me. They are infact the ones who are being childish. Think about it. If we offended them so badly, they could choose to simply ignore us and then they wouldn’t have to see our posts. They could choose to be the bigger person (in their mind anyway) and just ignore the posts and keep scrolling. They don’t becuae they like to argue for the sake of argument. Maybe it gives them purpose. Again, who knows and who cares?

The ‘FACTS’ support our perspectives. The record speaks for itself, no reasonable minded person can defend it. There is absolutely nothing that suggests things will improve under Bielema. Again, his record speaks for itself. Unless someone is going to sprinkle some fairy dust on him and I see him riding a unicorn, I’m not buying into the notion he can turn it around. This young talent they keep talking about are a handful of skill position players that they feel shows potential. Skill players are a dime a dozen. Games are won and lost in the trenches. This is where he has failed miserably. I don’t see players in wait along the lines that make me think they are going to be better in the future. Why would anyone think that Bielema is all of a sudden going to go out and sign these SEC caliber lineman, the difference makers? Has he not been trying to do that already and failed? Is he all of a sudden going to have some kind of epiphany and realize he just needs to recruit better players? I’m sure he is doing and has been doing the best he can and unfortunately it isn’t good enough. His recruiting classes aren’t ranked any better than his predecessors. Only they were more successful at utilizing the talent they had to get better results in the win column.

I don’t dislike Bielema, don’t know the man. I hate that he failed, wish he hadn’t. I give the man credit. He has succeeded in life. He doesn’t have to work another day for the rest of his life, if that is what he wanted. It isn’t like he is going to be wondering where his family’s next meal is coming from. I have no ill will toward him and wish him the best. I will however post as much as I like about how he has failed to win here and why I think he should be fired. This is a Arkansas Razorbacks sports forum. People can voice their opinions about everything Razorback as often as they want. Everyone here is paying for that right. So when someone tells you that what you are doing is childish, consider the source and have a good laugh, I do. These same 4-5 people will respond to my post here and I will have a good laugh at their expense. They could choose to just ignore me and move on, but they won’t. They can’t help themselves. When it comes to some faceless person trying to lecture me over the internet, they are pissing in the wind. I am going to say what I want to say as much as I want. Anyone that doesn’t like it, tough.