Seven innings or nine, a no-no is pretty impressive

Especially that combination of pitchers. Had some trouble throwing strikes but Auburn was not making solid contact on anyone.

Tom Hart was doing his best to ignore the don’t-mention-it taboo when a no-hitter is in progress, and we pulled off the no-no anyway. And I really like Kyle Peterson doing analysis. For one thing, he gets college baseball in general and Arkansas baseball in particular.

Kinda liked Hart’s suggested headline for this game: “No-No, Yes, Yes, Yes”.

Very impressive. I can’t remember seeing Cronin, I think that’s his name, pitch much this year. He pitched well. Maybe we found something at the end of the year as far as relief. He and Murphy are freshmen. Good for the future possibly.

I didn’t get to watch (streaming in the Monroe Civic Center is just not capable of that much band width.) But I do enjoy Kyle Peterson. He obviously loves college baseball.

I think Kyle is one of the best color analysts for any sport on TV. He provides good insight. I feel like I learn something every time I listen to one of his games.

Murphy is a sophomore.