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Knives Out for Lawyers As Bielema Feud Festers | Arkansas Business News |

No way. Foundation will win. Foundation has given CBB ample time and notice to prove he can’t offset. He hasn’t tried and doesn’t want to. It’s a good claim. Foundation will not back down and shouldn’t set that example.

In my humble opinion it will settle. Neither side wants to live with a jury’s indelible decision that it defrauded the other. I think both sides will play the long game.

I don’t believe sanctions will be awarded against the Foundation.

Most cases do settle. However, as you know, not all cases settle. Trials happen every day in courthouses throughout the United States, reduced some these days by Covid. Actually, this might be a case that eventually gets tried. Bielema’s lawyers are probably making a bunch of big $$ demands, and the RF probably thinks it can either zero Bielema out with a counter claim or at least curb the amount of damages and hold it under Bielema’s demand. Never know…

Kind of a lazy re-hash. Max Brantley had a much better article about it on 11/11, including links to the legal docs filed and some Barry Lunney tie-ins that I thought were kind of interesting.

Barry Lunney tie ins?

I’ve known Max Brantley for a long time, and he misses no chance to take a shot at the Hogs, or at the Foundation. The Lunney stuff is interesting but it kinda doesn’t pass the smell test given Max’s history.

I can’t open the article . What does it say about Lunney?

I’ve noticed that, too. I like Max, but there are a couple of non-sports writers in this state who seem to feel the need to disparage the Razorbacks. It suits me if they’re not fans, but there’s an arrogance about it.

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Maybe I’m not seeing all the article? All I see about Lunney are the text messages between he and Mars to validate Mars’s assertion that the Foundation did not visit with him as they had stated.

What did Brantley have to say about Lunney?

You saw what I saw but that doesn’t mean Max isn’t injecting some opinion in there.

Brantley didn’t say anything. But the foundation lawyers say Lunney said one thing, but the text messages say something different. So either the foundation lawyers were less than truthful, Lunney changed his story, or BB’s lawyers somehow faked or edited the texts.

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