Setting The Edge

We have not done it all year, especially against SEC teams. After each game I hear that we got to do something to set the edge, but I do not see anything happening different. Why?

I watched the Dends closely tonight. They kept moving to the inside when the play is going out and then became an easy block. Perhaps someone else is suppose to be getting to the edge, but if so, they were nowhere to be seen.

One thing is very obvious. This defense is slow. That will not work in the SEC. Is that being corrected in recruiting? Would love to know that, and if not, why?

We don’t set the edge well at all, Just watching our defense were are not aggressive at all, we absorb the impact instead of going for the blow. Its just embarrassing…

Come on guys. The edge is solid. It’s that white line the coaches stand behind.

It just might be the rail in the stands…