Seton Hall is not a bad draw

They turn the ball over a bit too much, they don’t shoot foul shots that well, and their three point shooting is good but not great. They play in a very tough league, and had a nice run in their conference tournament. We appear to be a bit deeper. The chances of winning look pretty good if both teams play at their average levels.

The North Carolina matchup is about like playing Kentucky, a high tempo team with better talent, plus more talented length than we’ve seen. The only number one seed who probably would have been tougher is Nova.

So I feel good about Friday and lousy about Sunday.

They are a bit like the Hogs in how they closed out the season. They won 5 of their last 6 games, including 1 & 1 in the Big East Tourney. Among their 5 wins, was a win at Butler, now a 4-seed in the Big Dance. But, their one loss may have been their best game of the 6. They lost by 2 points to Villanova in the Big East Tourney.

I’d say, we better play like we did against Vandy if we want to beat them. Seton Hall ended this season as a very hot team. One thing we have going for us though is that Barkley picked Seton Hall as his “dark horse” in the tournament.

They only lost to Villanova by two points.

Seton Hall is very good and tough draw.

We need bring A game

they lost to nova by 2 in the tourney but got blown out by 20+ 2 times. they are like us. a little jeckyl and hyde

Any time you are in the 8-9 game you expect it to be a tough game, but Seton Hall sets up as a better match up than the two others we could have drawn. Michigan State would have been a very tough draw, and after watching Virginia Tech a couple of times that would have been a difficult game with a very good coach on the other side.

Every team above the 16s and some of the 15s have a reason why they won a bunch of games, and some thing or two that worries you if you have to play them in the first round. But Seton Hall does not look like either a trap game because of their style or a team that has a talent edge. So as first round games go, especially an 8-9 game, we did okay.

If we shoot well we will win! I have watched them play they throw the ball all over the place. We are not valuing a possession. Today we lost with poor shooting and turnovers. If we have less than 10 turnover and shoot 45% from the field hogs win!
Tennessee had North Carolina beat at Carolina and missed free throws and turned the ball over to give the game away! We can beat NC despite the talent difference.

I have been thinking about this match up and how will this game be called by the refs. Seton Hall is known for being physical as well as playing in a physical Big East conference. The refs will probably have an East Coast major media market bias and probably let the kids play physical. I am not sure that is a bad thing for us. I can’t believe I am saying this but we may need to press and trap. Our press and man traps will be lethal If we are allowed to play physical. Moses will be able to block more shots as will Trey and Cook.

If the game is called tight that takes Seton Hall away from their Physical character.

Tough team- rebound and bangers inside—
We need to make 'me run…

Kenpom has Seton Hall ranked 53; 76 in O and 38 in D

For comparison Arkansas is 38; 26 in O, 96 on D

Seton Hall has good shooters, but they play too many minutes. They have two guys who get almost no rest (C Angel Delgado and F Desi Rodriguez), and three guards have been playing 30+ minutes (Khadeen Carrington, Madison Jones, Myles Powell).

They’re used to playing against teams like Villanova that also rely heavily on three players with four more who get almost all the rest of the minutes.

Luckily our weak #96 Defense goes up against their weak #76 offense.
Our offense is only 12 spots better than their #38 Defense. Hmmm.

It may very well come down to how the game is called by the refs.

Over the last 10 games Seton Hall is averaging 71.9 ppg. We are averaging 78.8.

their big man leads the nation in rebounding. we need to attack the basket & get him in foul trouble

I think you all make great points. I agree if we are allowed to play physical that might give us an advantage. We will need to have Kingsley, and Thomas play really well on the inside. We can’t have a no show from Kingsley like he did in the first half of the UK game and still expect to win. But if we are allowed to trap and we shoot well we should win the game.

If you beat Seton Hall we get another chance at NC. While that seems like a tall task, the good news is NC doesn’t play good defense so that gives you a glimmer of hope. If NC doesn’t play great D and we can shoot the ball well we might have a shot. IMO NC is more talented than UK but UK is the better defensive team. So it’s not the draw we wanted but anything can happen in march!