Seth Greenburgh on Mike and Mike

He was on this morning talking about the bribery scandal. It was never mentioned that he was the coach on an Adidas-sponsored tour that had players mysteriously decommit and commit to Adidas universities.

He was appalled by assistants taking money to steer players to money managers. However, his tone changed concerning money going to players. His stance was that’s been happening forever and the players aren’t victims. In fact, he put the onus on players for negotiating “extra benefits”. I’m sure that’s true in many instances, but he basically shrugged off the elements when the head coaches are most likely to know or should know what’s going on.

Seth Greenberg is a joke and his coaching record backs that up. I don’t take anything he says seriously. I have no doubt he was on of the guys helping steer Reggie Perry away from Arkansas.

He’s as dirty as they come

People should not open their mouths at certain times.

This is one of them. It’s not the NCAA - it’s the FBI.

Well give credit where credit is due. I believe if the shoe fits wear it. It seems like it fits him well. He should wear it. After all he is the one that I guarantee got paid by someone to coach those kids overseas. He’s as guilty as his friend Pittino
This scandal has been promoted by fired coaches just as horrible as Seth. If anyone believes self serving people like him will do anything for kids out of the goodness of thier heart they should take a harder look at this guys and his friends. He a blue blood band wagon hopper. He is bought and paid for.