Seth Greenberg Tampering

We talked about this a little bit in the Reggie Perry thread. But, I feel this needs it’s own thread. I heard rumors before the Perry decommit that Greenberg was trying to get Perry away from Arkansas. Then as soon as he decommits he publicly comes us out and kinda takes an indirect shot at Arkansas fans. Seriously, this guy is suppose to be an analyst, why is he so concerned with where Perry is going. Had Perry decomitted from Kentucky, I guarantee he wouldn’t have made a single tweet commenting on it. As a former coach, it’s very disrespectful to even get involved like that. I hope CMA has some words for him when he sees him.

I also heard something about him and Howland being really close. There needs to be an investigation, there’s some super shady stuff going on here.

Here are the tweets.

It’s my understanding that he was one of Reggie’s coaches in Spain - which is where the worm started to turn.

I know there are a few up here not happy with him.

Was Seth also pushing him towards Miss St? Or, was he just interested in getting him to decommit from the Hogs?

That I can’t say with certainty, but will continue to look into it

It takes two to tango. I am sure CMA is not happy with both Seth and the Perrys. I hope MSU gets a road game at Fayetteville in 2018-19. Monk lucked out on not having to play at BWA. Hope basketball gods give us this one.

With all this, isn’t it silly a couple of posters on this board were critical of CMA for not having the right relationship with the Perrys and needing to up the recruiting levels?


Simple question (not questioning your statement but for info): What is the axe they have to grind against Arkansas? I’m not in the loop on this one … just want to know.

Goodman is known for being a CMA hater. Anytime there’s some negative news about Arkansas, he’s one of the first to post it, while completely being absent of reporting any good news. He also has been leading the train on the “CMA is on the hotseat” he wrote an article either this previous year or the year before that alluded to CMA was about done in Arkansas. Why he doesn’t like CMA so much? I have no idea. I know I seen Dudley speak a little bit on it a couple of years ago, might see if you can get him to clarify a bit more in here. But it’s not secret there is no love lost between them.

As far as Greenburg, I have no idea why he has a horse in this race. But, it’s obvious at very minimal he encouraged Perry away from Arkansas. That’s why I started this thread, because it needs to be discussed and I honestly wanna know why he would do that as well.

And as far as the other guys, you seen CMA and Dick Vitale get into it this year. Vitale did the whole calling Kingsley a mouse and said we had dirty players, while completely praising everything Kentucky did and ignoring Monk doing a throat slash to our players. Honestly, if I had to make a guess, I think these guys just don’t like CMA because he doesn’t “Play the Game.” Which means he’s not going to kiss those guys butts, he’s not going to help them out in any type of way whether it be money or publicity, and he probably let’s them know he doesn’t care too much for them, so they formed a dislike towards him.

so…if an investigation does prove greenberg did interfer or tamper with recruiting here and elsewhere(possibility)what would ESPN and/or the NCAA do about it?can’t imagine that one would be dumb enough to leave a paper or twitter trail and doubt if it could be enforced…would it be considered like a booster or paid agent being involved.just asking exactly what could or would be done?

Greenberg and Vitale appears to me to do what ever it takes to suck up to the Kentuckys, Kansas and any other Kit and Kododdle shirt tail they can grab to stay in the spotlight!! Can’t and won’t listen or read any thing they say or write as they are biased beyond compare, both have went downhill in their commentary and fairness to most basketball programs, at least that’s my opinion. WPS

Who is Goodman?

Espn hack. Went to Arizona. Major MA hater. Looks like Eric Stoltz from the 80s movie “Mask” with Cher in it. Tv guy with a face for radio.

Thanks for info. Knew about the Vitale incident with Moses, but wasn’t aware of Greenberg.

I don’t know the actual genesis of the Goodman thing, but I know it picked up during the Hunter Mickelson and Rotnei Clarke days.

I’ve known Goodman since the early 1990s when he was a basketball recruiting writer.

Hes done some good work to get where he is, but that personality of his has never been one of his strengths to me.

For somebody pretty tall, he has a Napoleonic complex at times.

An Eric Stoltz reference! I had forgotten all about that guy. Goodman is anything but. Should change his name to Toolman in the interest of journalistic accuracy.

As far as Vitale is concerned, my view is praise be to whomever invented the " MUTE BUTTON". Sick of this blabbermouth. He needs to go to the mountains or the lake or the ocean or anyplace but my 65 inch TV!

I think you owe Napoleon an apology, Dudley. :smiley:

I think Greenberg sees himself as taking over the Vitale role when Vitale finally leaves/gets forced out. He actually offers better insights and analysis than Vitale, but that is damning with faint praise.

Greenberg does seem to revel sometimes in his expert status, and he seems to be picking up Vitale’s nauseating habit of coach worshipping.

I will be very interested to see how Greenberg handles Arkansas this year, particularly if he is on the air when ESPN is talking to MA. Vitale, at his age, could have broken a hip with all the twisting he did to try to mend fences after the Kingsley flap. I suspect that Greenberg will be just as nice as he has to be-in other words the more we win the nicer he will be.

Greenberg is dreaming if he thinks he’s the next Vitale. Only thing he is known for as an analyst is arguing with Jay Williams back and forth. You take Jay Williams away and I doubt he’s even remotely relevant because nobody else is going to sit and argue with him. I think he’s kissing all this butt to try to get himself back into the coaching ranks and he’s trying to get chummy with the top recruits hoping some school will give him a job.

We all know that the coaches working as TV analysts are part of the failed or fired coaches society. Why do the Perrys of the world listen to these people?

When I was doing business in Hong Kong, I would run into a large number of British expats as a result of HK having been under the British rule. The natives called them FILTH ( Failed in London Try Hong Kong). We need to come up with a nickname for failed coaches turned TV analysts.