Seth G. Talking At Halftime

He had the nerve to say that Referee Anthony Jordan should not call anymore games this year because the integrity of the game is in question. After his checkered past he schould not use the word integrity. What a joke coming from him.
The ref Anthony Jordan should never call another game.

From now on refer to Seth Greenberg as Reggie Perry’s handler.

And yea, Reggie’s handler is a hypocrite just like Dickie V and Jay Bilas, they will always talk about how much they care about the game and the integrity and all that, then they openly gush over everything Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, and UNC does knowing full well they cheat. I just mute the TV when any of them talk.

Hey now, according to Bilas, Duke doesn’t cheat. They legally funnel money into AAU programs. He actually said this in reference to Bagley, III

Duke has been mentioned in the pay to play.

Yeah, Bilas said the way they did it was actually legal. It was Bagley mentioned in the pay to play. Apparently, if you give money to an AAU team it’s legal

Duke can’t legally directly give cash to a AAU program and recruit players that’s not legit.

I don’t know the rules, but it’s what Bilas said. When questioned about Duke paying for Bagley, he said Duke gave (donated) money to Bagley, Jr’s AAU team. Bagley, III ended up at Duke. Questionable? Absolutely. Legal and not a violation? No clue. But Bilas said it’s legal that way

Typically what happens is somebody finds a loophole in the rulebook, exploits it and the NCAA closes the barn door after the horse is gone. For example, that’s why football players must be on football scholarship; people were signing defensive tackles to swimming scholarships. But by then they’ve found a new loophole to exploit. I wouldn’t be surprised if that loophole gets closed soon.