Seth Davis learned his lesson?

Now picks the Hogs to beat TTech because of our defense.

Who cares what he says! I wish he could join the unemployment line.

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I thought maybe that could be a jinx.

Yea yea as he is trying to steal a recruit from us with a bag of cash.

His picks on Friday went 6-10 straight up, so six teams escaped this jinx. He’s also not picking wins necessarily; he’s picking against the spread. He picked Texas Southern to cover against Michigan, which it did, even though Michigan won by 16. Eastern Washington also lost but covered.

In our case, since TTech is a 1-point favorite in Vegas, he’s also picking us to win straight up.

ATS today, he’s 6-6 with VCU not playing and UCLA, Gonzaga and Texas still playing.

Obviously, when he ran his mouth on Sunday, he was talking about Colgate winning, not covering. The toothpaste boys did neither.

You do know the difference between Seth Greenberg and Seth Davis, right? One sent Reggie Perry to Mi$take, and the other picked us to lose to Colgate. Please don’t tell me to relax again, or think I don’t know what I’m typing when I refer to another thread within a thread. I am actually pretty intelligent. I have a degree from THE University of Arkansas, and I have a National Championship ring in basketball from said university (which you always diminish every time I mention it). I honestly don’t know why you always come at me, even when I bring up trolls like Jeffrey or cmmcclain, but I am sick of it. I am 100% pure Hog, and I always will be. Last thing…I have no idea who you are, but you can look at a team picture from 93-94, and you will know exactly who you are speaking with. I probably should’ve used a pseudonym on this board, but I have no reason to hide who I am or what I believe. Go Hogs!

I’m Impressed and I can’t match that. But just Thought you had more of sense of humor, my bad. Wasn’t coming at you or attacking.

I don’t have degree, a ring, or a picture. Just an ole jock that’s sports came naturally to & I was pretty good at some. Been a Hog fan since before.
My only claim to fame was a walk-on offer from Coach Holtz. Were you calling the Hogs then?

BTW-I worked my way up the old fashioned way and it payed off quite well-$$$$. Didn’t stay in school long enough for degree.

Cheers - won’t bother you again.

I guess I just don’t get your sense of humor. I’m not trying to make any enemies, but it always seems you have something to say about anything I say (even when I attack the trolls), and I have absolutely no idea why…? Congrats that you are making $$$, btw. I have a degree in communications, but I have been selling cars for 28 years. Not one year have I made more than $100k. I’m sure you can beat that to shreds. None of this matters. I am a Hog fan on a Hog board, and quite honestly, I agree with your takes on the Hogs more often than not. It just seems like you always have a negative response to anything I post. Maybe it’s just me…

Kiss and make up guys

We’re on the same team

Really good.


I like him. He was a good sport afterwards.

All good - no harm no foul.
Just 2 passionate Hog Fans.

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