Serveral future Razorbacks in Dave Campbell's Texas Football rankings....

and more to come.

Sure could have used a better Razorback graphic. … ref=subnav

May have missed him, but I didn’t see Savion Williams? Seems odd

Don’t see him either.

Hmm, doesn’t make much sense, surely he’s a top 100 player in the state of Texas. Other people think so atleast. I can’t imagine there are 99 better than him. At the least just from the potential aspect, I have heard he’s shown to be very disengaged and lazy at camps, which to me, isn’t that uncommon from highschool elite athletes.

Are we still in the mix for Prince Dorbah? I recall at one point there was a lot of hope about him becoming a Hog.

Announcing soon, most everyone expects it to be Texass.

Yes, I would be surprised if he doesn’t end up a Longhorn.