Serius question for recruiting star gazers:

Does anybody underachieve more than Auburn?

Maybe (spit) Texas?

Several do. Notre Dame is another.

Agree on Auburn but Notre Dame does not have depth. Their starting 22 is pretty good. They just don’t have a 2nd string like the big boys in the SEC. Clemson wore them down last year and targeted their secondary substitution who came in for a game ending injured player. You have to have depth to win it all or be in the conversation. Texas blows with all the talent they have.


Texas does not get near the talent of OU and Aggies at this time.

Joe Burrow is an example of TWO things that are seriously wrong with the star system. First, he was a 3-star who got bumped up to a 4 after Ohio State offered him. If he’s a 4, he’s a 4 whether tOSU offers or not. Second, even after that bump he was only the #280 prospect in the 247 composite, #210 by 247 itself. He was #298 in the ESPN 300. The #298 guy is not supposed to be a Heisman winner. So they botched that.

Of course Baker Mayfield was the #238 player in TEXAS his senior year, speaking of misevaluated talent.

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Southern Cal

Given the losses to N Texas, WKU, Colorado State, and SJSU I hate to say it, but the Hogs have been a huge underachiever of late.

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Auburn is simply unpredictable. you can’t ever count them out LSU (very close game), bama, Oregon etc) but you can’t ever count on them Either