Seriously, we have an embarrassment of riches

What the heck!! Next season I hope we blow thru the SEC like s_it thru a goose. The squid (and every other Coach as well) is worried!!


Meanwhile, 5-star forward Julian Phillips (former SAO commit) is going to Tennessee. This league is going to be absolutely brutal. Again.

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Looking pretty good on paper…

SEC going to be tough(er) this upcoming season no doubt. Not just talent on the court but talent coaching them. Some coaches are slimes but some are good clean hard nosed coaches to like we have.

If the team jells a little earlier than the pre

As I was saying before dropping my IPad - if they jell a little quicker than the previous 3 teams we could roll over the league

I wouldn’t count on us rolling over the league even if they gel together sooner.

Not only will we have an almost entirely new team, but we will be counting heavily on freshmen. They are talented freshmen, but they are still freshmen.

And other teams are adding a lot of talent. Auburn may have lost Kessler and Jabari Smith, but they’ve reloaded with some good talent. Alabama has signed two 5-stars. Oscar will be back at Kentucky. Even LSU seems to be putting a team together that may be respectable.

I’m excited about next year, but I’d like to see them play a few games (which could include our expected pre-season trip to Europe) before I start making any predictions about how good we’ll be. Right now, it’s all on paper.

Talent/coaching… by conference, we will be very good. We have won more SEC and tournament games in the league than anyone else under Muss. Based on that history, and the most talent ever in one year, there should be a lot of optimism for the future. The SEC should be the one’s scared of the Hogs.