The Hogs score 30 plus on Bama? The LSU game is winnable next weekend.

Does anyone know where we rank this year in offense against Bama. We have to be at the top.

Team: Points, Total Yards

Louisville: 14, 268
Arkansas State: 7, 391
Ole Miss: 7, 248
Texas A&M: 23, 393
UL-Lafayette: 14, 288
Arkansas: 31, 405
Missouri: 10, 212
Tennessee: 21, 258
LSU: 0, 196

Points scored, we’re tops. A&M got 23. Total offense (405) we’re also tops (A&M 393). Aggies passed for 30 yards more than we did, so we outrushed them by 42.

Maybe Saban has a soft spot for the Hogs. Were we scoring on the 3rd and 4th string guys?

We had 14 at halftime. LSU wouldn’t score 14 on these guys in a month.

They also had some starters in for our third-quarter drive to a field goal. Not sure if the entire first D was in there but some of them. Reserves in for our two fourth-quarter TDs, it appears.

Man, I’d love to buy in the LSU offense is so bad that we can hold them back like Alabama did. And that our offense can move the ball on the LSU defense. In the last couple of years they gashed us with their running game, but maybe their lack of passing game gives us a chance to keep it close. From what I can tell from what I read on here, is that we’ll be playing some younger guys, it will be fun to see how they play.

We might score Some points on LSU! Our defense will have to stop the run. Maybe LSU has a hangover from the Bama loss and comes out flat.
Stranger things have happened but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Those receivers who were double covered by the bama defense will be in open areas over the middle against the Hogs based on what we have seen to this point. Can we force them to have to throw the ball?

Dline, linebackers must play their best game…run stopping, pressure qb and cover the screens…going to be tough but you always hope for the win!

well the Bama defense we saw at 11am and the real Bama defense which you saw last night against LSU when they are really motivated is night an day.

we had a very good gameplan and ran plays like the TE delays which will be open against any defense that Bama had not seen(have no idea why we didn’t run those against Auburn who blitzed EVERY play) Saban will always take away your top 2-3 plays and they had not seen those passes and we were able to run the ball well a few plays.

I would have thought Saban was a better coach than that. To not have his team prepared against chad Morris would be inexcusable. There’s plenty of film on him. And if we ran plans that he never saw maybe that just means we are better and more creative than any other team they’ve played. We need a defense. It would have given us 3 more wins todate.

they also scored like 1 million on us at halftime, so did they play starters??

Saban made it known he wasn’t happy with the play of his defense against us. He demands perfection on both sides of the ball.
They scored at will against us and if that made their defense a little more lax that’s on the players but I promise you Nick didn’t just let it go so easily & they heard about it.

Said it before, but our 31 was the highest scored on them since the 16’ season NC game against Clemson. I enjoyed watching LSU get shut out and the stands losing their energy as the game unfolded. They actually thought there was a chance against Bama.

LSU’s defense has been the only thing that has kept LSU in the game against Bama for years, even when LSU has won. They almost held Bama to a single digit score in the 1st half this time without their best player.
But Bama always brings their best defense against LSU also.
Looked very similar to a Les Miles team playing Bama again. Good defense & minimal offense.