Someone give me a reason as to why we might win tomorrow?

My thinking: we have THREE guys blow an EASY pop up for a national championship. That play comes back to haunt us, and it already has.

I’m checked out, I feel like it’s some sort of Arkansas curse that nothing good can happen, that a team with a child molestor will beat us. Literally worst case I could think of.

I’m in the dumps, I’m pissed, I need some reason to believe we have the slightest chance tomorrow. We haven’t hit worth a $&!? This series. We do not have a closer for the third game.

Please, someone, give me a reason to believe.

Even if Campbell is lights out tomorrow, our lack of offense will prevent us from even countering. Where has our hitting gone? OSU has decent pitching, but not better than what we’ve seen all season. Just totally confused…

We can’t hit a damn thing. It’s ridiculous.

Probably won’t watch or even tape the game tomorrow. It has the feel of Cardinals-Royals of 1985. Cardinals didn’t put up much of a fight in Game 7. Not sure our dejected players can do so tomorrow. I’m sure they’ll say the right things, but … Uncle Mo is wearing orange and black.

Need a little more faith than that guys. Our bats come alive with Isaiah on the mound.