Serious Question - Worst Coach in the Country?

Morris is about to drop to 18-39 and has never beaten a P5 team. This will be his 4th loss to a G5 team an an SEC head question.

It begs the question - did we hire the worst coach in the country? It’s interesting because some of the analytics guys said when he was hired that the numbers showed he was a poor coach.

Looks like it.

I think he’s one of them: I keep going back to Bob Stoops being asked about interviewing his former assistant and his response was, some guys are just better as coordinators

You are misquoting Stoops

What did he say, because I thought that’s what he said

He said something along the lines of that there are many great coaches out there that do not aspire to be head coaches, and he inferred that Venables was one of those guys.

.For impersonating a coach and theft of 21 million dollars from the university of Arkansas

I believe he would make a great test in the courts that his w/l record here qualified for “firing with cause”.

HY should yank Chad off the podium, announce his firing and at least get a little ROI for the $10 million.

No, worst program in the country.