Serious question - HY wouldn’t fire Morris would he?

I think he was involved in the hire as an assistant AD, but he was not the top guy at Houston at the time.

I think as an AD you have to weigh all of the costs of making a change so early in a coaching tenure. There is the monetary cost, which would be very high. Not only does Morris have a huge buyout this early in his contract, but it would cost up to $1.5 million to let go of John Chavis after this year. There is the cost of buying out an existing coach from his job, etc. It is expensive stuff.

There is also the reputation cost of being perceived as a program trying to punch above its weight. I don’t think that would necessarily be true given Arkansas’ past in this conference, but it would be talked about.

But if Arkansas doesn’t start winning, an AD has to look at the cost of not making a move. A winning program, even if it is just one that gets to a bowl game at 6-6, is gold to a university. And one that is winning just 2, 3 or 4 games is a detriment. Season ticket sales decline, donations decline, enrollment sometimes declines.

There are six games left, so we’ll see how the season plays out. But based on what I’ve seen, Arkansas is going to be fortunate to win two more games this year, and I think the next couple of weeks could get ugly on the field because of how bad the offenses at Auburn and Alabama can make a team look.

How much juice will Arkansas have after the the next two weeks ( likely big losses and physical beatings)? And how many people will be in the stands for the next three home games?

Are you even a hog fan ? Or a troll

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If you’re talking to me I bought 4 season tickets requiring a four figure donation and just landed after being in Lexington for three days.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t spend thousands on organizations I don’t support/ am a fan of.


Hopefully fans are in the stands Saturday, if nothing else, to try and impress the recruits we desperately need that are coming.

Matt, lots of good comments in your post. Difficult to post, maybe, but helpful.

Buyouts: buyouts would happen if the coach didn’t find another job, and only the difference between the buyout amount and the lesser new payday, if I understand it correctly. Chavis is the bigger deal there - he could decide he is done coaching but fakes it for a year to get his $1.5M.

I still think, firing Morris or not, Arkansas’ national reputation is an enigma. While folks wonder why we think we are an elite program they are equally puzzled by the inability to compete against better programs. In other words, “Arkansas is not Georgia, but they aren’t Georgia State, either. What is going on?”

This is a money problem. Morris could possibly recruit his way out of this if given 6-7 years. That gives him a chance to let the offensive staff mature and to land a group of in-state talents that can band together and win (the Nutt model). The financial side of things says he doesn’t even have the 3-4 years most predict as “normal.” Most telling to me? When the BOT talked about a “student fee” for athletics. That has been the firewall for UA athletics - we are a self-sustaining program, etc. To introduce a fee means we are not self-sustaining, and need student $$ to offset failed revenue streams.

Morris needs to have two “up” performances the next two games or the grumblings will reach a critical mass. Right now, it seems to be disgruntled fans, talk radio listeners, and a handful of “experts” in the national media (“hot seat” type commentary). When this spreads to local media and the high-roller boosters…look out.

At what point do we move on and start holding Morris accountable? I’ve said that I was wrong about Bielema and you were right.

But as the games go by it seems clear to me that while it was time for Bielema to go, he’s a better coach than Morris and it isn’t really close.

More importantly, though, it’s time for excuse time to be over. The roster is bad but there’s enough there to win some games and get them moving in the right direction and he’s blowing them and sending us further into an abyss that will be very difficult to crawl out of.

And, much of that is on Morris. Last night was on Morris. San Jose was on Morris. CSU was on Morris. North Texas was on Morris. OM last year was on Morris.

The guy is a disaster. And that’s what the “patience” crowd doesn’t get. One you have one of the worst coaches in America you don’t keep him because of some unwritten rule that he gets 3 years.

When the wheels have come off and he’s going backward and blowing game after game and is woefully in over his head you pull the plug.

Every game or year he’s allowed to further drive it into the ground sets you back twice as much.

I agree that there was no excuse to lose to SJSU and this is on Morris. He inherited much less talent than Bielema did though.

I also agree the “ you have to give a coach three years” standard does not apply in every situation. If Yurachek concludes he’s not the man to lead the program in the long term he needs to cut bait -preferably after MSU so the search can begin in earnest and a hire made ASAP given the early signing date. To your point though, why would Hunter keep a coach that he doesn’t think can make the program a winner? In fact, to do so would be an abdication of his fiduciary responsibilities to the athletic department.

The question… what does Hunter really think about Chad Morris?

I’m fine with the firing of Bielema. I’m appalled by hiow bad Morris and the staff have been—just remarkably inept and ill-prepared regardless of talent level—it keeps showing in game management and procedure penalties.

And, people keep making excuses for the inexcusable.

A perfect example was before the half. They had a 13-0 lead. UK was inside the 10 and going to run 2 plays, tops, barring penalties. There was about 1:40 left.

Rather than use timeouts to save time for the offense to build on a 13-0 or 13-7 or 13-3 (and also give you an opportunity to set up your defense and try to prepare for the running QB in red zone, they let the clock run out. They’d just scared. They play not to get embarrassed and in the process embarrass themselves every week.

I thought that was a turning point in the game. If the Razorbacks go down and make a field goal on that possession, then they only need a field goal at the end of the game, not a fourth-and-15 conversion.

Yes and it was obvious that it was important at the time. But, the staff choked as they often do in game management.

In the stand we could not believe we ate the timeouts and did not try to get a score - especially considering they got the ball to start the second half.

Someone next to us said, somewhat loudly , “ Morris is a chicken …”

He’s so scared. The Hammer Down garbage makes it even worse.

agreed, we still had plenty of time on the clock, i think we had 50 seconds and were on the 31 or so, 2 15 yard passes our kicker gets a shot at a 50 yarder. Then his half time interviews sound like they are talking to a guy that really does not know what to do next.

I’m not defending Morris. I’m defending the idea that firing him right now is more likely a detriment to the program than keeping him another year. I can understand why some see things differently, but right now I don’t think it’s the right path.

I might add that I hate the early signing period. It’s a killer rule for schools who make coaching changes at the end of the year. If we fire Morris now or in Dec, we can kiss the 2020 class good bye.

Neast, the 2020 class is already slipping.

There is rumors that French is actually already committed to Tenn, and did so on his visit.
Dixon is now being predicted to go to Texas, which is where he wants to go.

Just lost Crawford.

This class isn’t going to be good, regardless of who the coach is in January.

I like him a lot…one of my DVR coaches.:sunglasses:

I know that seems to be a problem. It’s also something to keep in mind. If the class tanks, perhaps I’ll re-examine my view. It’s still a bit early to know that, though. If we fire him, you can bet it will tank.