Serious question - HY wouldn’t fire Morris would he?

I’m seriously kind of wondering about this.

Everyone is judging Yurachek on reigniting football. And he didn’t hire Morris. We see it in the pros a lot. GMs don’t like being judged on someone else’s hire. I assume some ADs would feel the same way.

Furthermore, it was a totally different situation, but most thought we’d keep Anderson another year, even though a lot of us wanted him gone. But then he fired him, saying one of the main reasons was because he thought the practices he watched weren’t intense enough.

Say we go 3-9 (we lose to WKU you have to fire him), would he actually do it after just two years? I think it’s unlikely, but HY is on the clock and we got bills to pay. Imagine the crowds next season…

3-9 and yes he will…he’s lost the fanbase already and recruits are bailing… it’s only going to get worse as the losses mount and some will be embarrassing.

If that’s the case you’d probably have to go the coordinator route. Hunter, meet Chip Long.

I would rather go with someone with experience and has a history of winning and rebuilding programs. Hunter, meet Willie Fritz.

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Now we’re talking! See, we can still have fun.

Very good coach … won’t be at Tulane next year.

Because hopefully he will be at Arkansas!

I love Jacksonreid. Couldn’t wait to get rid of BB, thought he was the worst coach ever. Now he’s given the new guy all of 18 games to turn it around. I’m too lazy to go back and look, but I bet if I did I could find posts where he stated ANYBODY would be better than BB. What’s the over/under on how long he gives the next guy? 10 games? Or in his great wisdom, will he be able to tell if the next guy is a keeper sooner than that?

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Bert is partially the reason we’re in this mess - drinking himself to near death and not recruiting left us with a Sunbelt roster

As for Morris if you’ll notice I didn’t say he should be fired, but will admit I’ve lost a lot of confidence. Rather I said he will be fired at 2-10 or 3-9. Don’t think it’s a good thing necessarily, but it’s what’s going to happen.

Ah yes, another JR favorite, the 3rd and 4th-hand BB drinking stuff. It’s great when an artist comes out and plays the favorites instead of making the crowd listen to the new crap.

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Funny - you choose to comment on that and not the Sunbelt roster the lush left us with.:grinning:

The only one criteria I have for a new head coach is that his resume shows he’s beaten a Power 5 team. I’m tired of having the only head coach in the SEC who’s never beaten a power 5 team.

And for the OP’s question, would HY fire CCM if we go 3-9 / 0-8, I think yes. Right now, he’s not being held responsible for CCM being here. If he decides to keep him with his 5-19 / 0-16 two year record, then HY is tied to CCM. A repeat 3rd season probably gets them both fired. I think HY knows that and would not be willing to hitch his wagon to CCM if he can’t get at least one SEC win this year.

Even though HY was the AD at Houston, he had the chance to see what a really good Power 5 head football coach looks like in Tom Herman. I’m betting he doesn’t see much resemblance in CCM.

Yeah, I think there’s a chance HY might be really good. It’s encouraging the way Musselman talks about him, due to the fact that Musselman has known so many ADs and GMs over the years.

He doesn’t seem like a guy that will wait around, as I alluded to with the Anderson situation.

Herman was a great hire and early indications are good on Musselman (I know the jury is still out).

Will be interesting.

I admit I can’t sleep after watching that travesty tonight and I am being childish. With that said, the “lush” who you, I, or anyone with a cell phone camera has never seen obviously drunk in public would probably have a completely different roster. It is neither here nor there at this point, but one thing I find funny is that the “groupthink” is that one of CM’s problems is that a lot of the roster was not recruited to play in his system. But somehow they would not be better in the system they were recruited for.

Again, that is beside the point. The actual point was that you can’t keep cycling thru coaches every year and a half, no coach is going to have success that way

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Don’t think he hired Herman at Houston…

Herman is overrated

You’re right. My bad.

Well, musselman seems good. :woozy_face:

One of your points is a good one that deserves restatement: if the existing talent was so inferior than the 50+ players that Morris has brought in should have supplanted more of them, right? The system change should make the supplanting of older players even more logical.

After 1.5 seasons the explanations connected to the former coach are not nearly as valid as the explanations connected to the CURRENT coach.

And, given that so much of what we are seeing is an emotional whiff by the players (again! SJS also) you would think the staff would fast-track their own recruits so at least the enthusiasm level increases.

If you fire Morris, who is going to pay the buyout?

Ok you lost me here… did he really say this?? Because I must have missed it, and didn’t miss much on that situation.