Serious question... how was crowd yesterday?

This was first Fayetteville game of year that I couldn’t attend. I see official crowd size listed at 61k+. That’s pretty darn good for the opponent. Of course, it was homecoming so that must have helped. Is that count accurate? Was the crowd into the game? Just curious.

Wally is exaggerating again. I’ve seen worse crowds, particularly in bad weather days.

I would say that there were about 40,000 there.

With the game in doubt in the 4th Q by dad estimated 20.000.

The official attendance was undoubtedly the number of tickets sold. It is hard for me to see the upper west stands from the press box, but based on what I could see and what I think the upper west looked like, I would guess the actual attendance was probably somewhere around 40,000 to 45,000. As is often the case, several people left at halftime and the stadium had emptied considerably by the time Arkansas scored the game-winner.

I tried to pull an image from the construction webcam, but that has been covered up on game day now.

I would have said about 45,000 at peak attendance.

that is sad.

Thanks everyone for the observations

I have not missed a game in 35 years and I guessed around 50,000 at the start. Good crowd for this type game as Arkansas has a lot of fair weather fans and many only go if get a free ticket and they are playing someone big.

The upper west side, as usual, had lot more people than the upper east side, which was almost empty except for the middle. There was a low student turnout based on the last couple of years and half of them left by the middle of the third quarter.

There were probably about 20,000 people hanging around by mid fourth quarter to the end. Those that stayed were relatively loud the last few minutes.

How many stayed home because of the teams performance? Probably not many. I stayed home (gave tickets away) because it was Costal Carolina, and there were some good games on TV. My son went camping instead because it was Costal Carolina. If we had been playing a SEC team, we both would have been there. I suspect many that stayed home did so because of the opponent.

I guessed it at about 50k at the start, but I wouldn’t argue with 45k. I think it was more than 40k. Regardless of what Wally said, I’ve seen worse crowds. It was bad, but I’ve seen worse in LR & Fayetteville. Not sure I’ve seen one quite this bad since the 2000 expansion, but it could’ve been worse.

I can tell you a crowd that was much worse. First year of the expanded stadium, 2001. Game with North Texas wiped out due to 9/11; we couldn’t reschedule. We had lost three straight games to EOE/Bummer/Jawja and the record was 1-3. Since UNT couldn’t play us, we wound up playing FCS team Weber State, which was really bad, on the first Saturday of October. If you think people are PO’d at BB now, you should have heard what was being thrown at Nutt then. Anyway, the announced crowd that afternoon was 52,683. There might have been 35,000 there. Maybe. Way fewer than what I saw on the crowd shots yesterday (yesterday’s crowd was actually better than I had expected/feared).

I had guessed the crowd at 40-45,000. I left in the 4th qtr. with 12 min remaining and I felt that the Hogs were going to win, but I was so disgusted by how they were playing! Razorback Road was packed with people leaving the game so when the game was over, the crowd had to be very sparse. Coach B may feel that he hasn’t gotten the best breaks, but he hasn’t created any either. I was neutral but now I feel it is time for a change as I will not buy tickets to watch this kind of play.

That Weber St. game was only scheduled about 2 weeks before it was played, which made it really difficult to plan for, and it was a really chilly October night game. That was a smaller crowd than yesterday. The 1987 New Mexico game in Little Rock was way smaller than yesterday. That was the year we were a preseason top 15 team, but got rocked 51-7 to Miami in LR, and lost on the last play of the game to a very average Texas team 16-14, also in LR. The week prior to New Mexico we were beaten 14-0 by A&M at Kyle Field. People were writing letters to the editor saying it was the worst coached team they had ever seen (which was idiotic, knee jerk reactions in those days too). So it was a very ornery and spiteful crowd of around 30,000 that came out that day. We won by probably 30 points, but the crowd never missed an opportunity to boo the team and coaches whenever something went wrong. Lou’s final home game as coach at Arkansas was against SMU in Little Rock in 1983, with looming heavy rains and thunderstorms moving in. That was the height of SMU’s illegally purchased all star teams. They beat a bad Arkansas team 17-0 in a downpour. I can remember leaving the game and turning on the radio, this was when one crew did the game for both teams. Brad Sham was SMU’s play by play announcer and Mike Nail was the color analyst representing Arkansas. They both agreed it was the smallest crowd they had ever seen for an Arkansas game. All those games had significantly smaller crowds than yesterday.

LSU in WMS in 1994 had an announced attendance of around 25,000. Bad Ark team and lousy weather.

Was at that game, also at an LSU game in Fayetteville in the snow when there couldn’t have been more than 25k.

Yeah, you’re right. I forgot about that one. The 92 game vs LSU in Fayetteville was really small as well. Very cold, Joe Kines last game as coach. People who think our end of the year games with LSU were appointment TV must have missed the 90’s. Terrible crowds at both places almost every year in the 1990’s

1997 MSU game in Fayetteville was bad too - best a top 20 team that day but the poor performance probably cooked Danny’s goose.