Serious question about Scherer

I have reached a critical mass of two sources that believe Michael Scherer will not leave Fayetteville unless Maddie Pool comes to Vegas and I heard that is not likely, so we may keep Scherer because he has great taste in girlfriends. All insiders who knew the Petrino story with Jessica should be able to confirm or deny if willing. I expect plausible denial, but I like this angle.

Maybe Sam could manipulate the situation and make sure Maddie gets a raise and responsibility that Vegas cannot match.

I know the women’s soccer coach at Vegas (one of my daughters travel coaches in an earlier time) and Jenny lovers Vegas, so do some of my former resident trainees. I would love to keep Scherer and allow him to grow outside and away from Odom influence.

Is Maddie the most important key to keeping Scherer? That is what the question boils down to being

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I have heard all of the stories. I wouldn’t go much further than a maybe on the answer to your question. I would think the best way to handle it would not be manipulation, as you say it. I’d say the best way is to pay Scherer exactly what he’s worth and do that for Maddie, too. I hate manipulation every time it’s suggested and do in the way you put it forth, too.


We will probably know after the bowl game.

The real crux of the issue is more football related. Travis Williams coaches linebackers. Who will coach safeties? Does Sam want to change the breakdown of coaches? Will a GA coach safeties? Will Dominique Bowman coach the entire back end. What you have now is a scheme of five or six defensive backs. Can one man coach them all? Does Scherer want to learn a new scheme of defense, the Kevin Steele model? I assume that is what Travis Williams knows and uses. This is a complex issue and it’s not easy to just lay it out with one simple question. It is not just about how you pay out the pay that Hunter Yurachek provides the head coach for his staff.

Clay, got it.

That’s going to be interesting, how Sam divides defensive responsibilities, particularly back there. Williams has never coached safeties but presumably as a DC he knows how he wants them to play. Bowman? Shift Scherer to safeties? Let Scherer go and hire a safeties coach? I think that last one is the least likely, but not gonna rule it out.

Is Scherer calling the plays at the bowl game? Is that “acting DC”?

It seems to me that staying at Arkansas and learning a new system would be beneficial in the long run. He has been in Odom’s system as a college player, GM ( I think), and assistant coach. Do something new and grow. That is what I would be telling him if I were trying to keep him. Oh yeah, the girl looks like a keeper too. That decision is more important than learning a new defense.


SP will not be quick to let a good recruiter go else where. Scherer is that and Scherer knows he needs more experience besides linebackers to be a DC one day. Williams may keep it as is for year and then make changes too as Scherer calling the game is sign of confidence from SP.

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Maddie knows what she was getting into when getting involved with Michael. She understands the life of being a coach’s GF/wife.

Just can’t see a coach turning down a coordinator job.

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