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Does anyone know if we have ever gone thru the conference without losing a series? Of course we have to win the series against the Wallets this weekend for that to happen, but if we do has this ever been done by the Hogs? Or anyone else?

I don’t think we’ve ever done it.

Not in the SEC. The year we won the league at 22-8 we lost series to both Alabama teams and went 21-3 against everyone else.

We won every league series in the SWC in 1990 when we went 16-5, but that was only seven series (SMU doesn’t have baseball, or at least didn’t then).

We have never done it.

It has been done in conferencE.
Vandy has done it

And someone on a message board said SC went 25-5 in SEC in 2005? I didn’t remember that but could be.

In 2005 the Chickens went 16-14 in SEC play and finished third in the East. So that ain’t it.

Vandy went 26-3 in 2013.

Only one team has won every series in the SEC… Vandy in '13 went 27-3.

Meant 2000

I knew Vandy had done it, but was thinking it was something like 24-6

Didn’t remember it being that good

Yep, they went 25-5 in 2000. That 2013 Vandy team didn’t even get to Omaha; they lost the super at home to Louisville two straight. They didn’t win the SEC tournament either.

Their SEC losses that year were to Florida, Georgia and Bama. Then they lost their first and last games in Hoover, needed a fourth game to win their regional and got swept in the super.

Just proves how hard it is to get to Omaha, much less win it all. Play your best and with a little luck, who know what could happen.

That 2000 SoCar team didn’t win every series. They lost the first two games at LSU before winning the third game. Then they came to UA in early May and got Baumed. 23-1 against everyone else. That team didn’t win the SECT or get to Omaha either.

Arkansas is the third SEC team to win its first nine series. The others were Vanderbilt in 2013, as has been mentioned, and Florida in 2018. The Gators were swept in their final series of the year. I think they held out some starters that weekend.

Florida played in Omaha that season and lost to Arkansas in the semifinals.

I hope we don’t try to get cute with holding out starters

Definitely try to give KK a break from 120 pitches, but I would hate to lose momentum at this point

Arkansas will give everything it has to win the division first, then the conference this week.

Florida had something like a four-game lead going into the final weekend in 2018.

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Exactly we have came to far now to take the pedal off the metal.finish the drill,win the division and maybe the outright SEC championship.

Florida lost its last four SEC games in 2018 – at home to Georgia, then three at Moo U. Jack Leftwich took two of those four losses. He’s still pitching for the Gators. They still won the division and league by two games.

And we eliminated them in Omaha

Beat them in Hoover too, in a game best known for Hunter Wilson’s grand slam and complete sprint around the bases.

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