Series win at Mizzou shoots us up 23 spots in RPI

We moved from #52 to #29 by winning two of the three games in Columbia this weekend. Yes, Swine - I know this is an estimate of the real thing, but (a) it is available NOW; and (b) when the real thing is released tomorrow, it will be very, very close to what Nolan has.

As I posted in another thread, the numbers we need to focus on are 15 and 20 - SEC wins. 15 (out of 30) means a .500 record in conference play, in recent years a lock for an NCAA invitation. 20 SEC wins will put is (traditionally) right in the thick of the race for the SEC regular season championship, and that means we’re in the conversation to host first and (perhaps) second round Tournament games.

Early to be counting “Championship chickens” yet, but those are indicators to keep in mind. We do still have some meaningful out of conference games as well.

For now - we need to focus on winning the series at Alabama next weekend.

In studying the RPI, it’s like always, going to be fine with solid play in the SEC. Lots of RPI points out there if the Hogs keep winning. In Tuesday’s RPI, the Hogs are 27th.