Separate topic on the officiating....

As noted it was bad. The bald headed white referee was especially atrocious. So many calls that NBA guys let go where they don’t penalize the defender for going straight up. So many ticky tack fouls where no one gained an advantage and it slowed down the game.

I was there - did they have any explanation on the air for the foul on Beard about a minute into the game? The official made a motion that appeared to convey that Beard did not give the guy enough room to maneuver (looked like those guys at the airport when they taxi the plane at the runway). Anton was all up in his grill, which I thought was legal, and the dude just gave Anton a forearm shiver, but then they called the foul on Anton.

They did discuss it, briefly . . . but I didn’t really understand the explanation.

They said something about having to give the guy (offense) “room to maneuver” (or words to that effect) and that it was a point of emphasis this year. Didn’t make sense to me I saw what you did - an offensive player bulldozing over a defender who was in great position.

Maybe there is an official on here who knows the “new” rule (if there is one).

I just looked up the rule changes and points of emphasis for this season and didn’t see anything that appeared to pertain to that particular call. So… (where’s a shrug emoticon when I need it, Marty?)

There’s a cylinder around the player that goes straight up. You can’t get in that space.

It’s there, it is just called noidea instead of shrugged.