Unfortunately having this many seniors is not a good thing, if they were good enough they would be pro’s by now. When things get tough are they looking out for Arkansas or themselves?
Who honestly thinks Macon would have come back if he was good enough to be drafted and playing in a league he wanted to be in?

Some players acutally do return to college who are projected to be selected in the draft i.e. Bobby Portis is soph return, Robert Williams from Texas A&M etc… The problem is we have 3 seniors in particular that shouldnt even be Division 1 basketball players imo, at least on this level. The forward position is just horrible outside of Gafford, just horrible you can go to open gyms and find better talent than the three senior forwards we have. So recruiting is to blame and that’s on my favorite coach’s shoulders. Mike didn’t get the talent he needed…the sad thing is he has the guards but no true inside presence, outside of Gafford, nor small forward

Long Season…

I would like to see Trey play the 4 with Gafford at times.

Macon and Barford have to carry this team to victory on their shoulders. Gafford is good, very good, but he needs a supporting cast to play to his potential. Thomas and Beard are not playing to their potential. Beard is somewhat of a prodigal son of Anderson. Anderson has said many times that Beard reminds him of himself. I think that often results in a blind spot that gives hime the benefit of the doubt. Beard is talented, but not consistent. I like his defense. I like the way he can drive and get floaters, layups and fouls. But, often his decisions don’t add up. Thomas plays hard. He seems to know his strengths and weaknesses, but just isn’t quite able to play to his strengths. Barring an obvious fast break or tip back, the ball should be in either Macon, Barford or Gafford’s hands at least once every time they get to the half court. At least give one of them the option of a shot before the other guys take one. And, better care of the ball to prevent turnovers will right the ship. I still think this team is talented enough to get to the NCAA tournament, but they need to figure it out quickly, like Saturday night.

I wish a disciple of Gayle Kaundart could have a hold of this bunch for just a short time. As one of his many victims, I understand the importance of sharing a basketball. Most, but not all of his teams had to share the basketball at least five times each and every time down the court. If nothing else everyone got involved in the game and the defense knew they were in for a grueling grind. I hope this team rebounds from this slump and somehow Mike can right the ship. Agree whole heartly that his evaluation and development has not gone good to this point.