Seniors coming back

I was surprised to not see a topic on this, after DD’s report. If I missed it, please merge. But, this is some exciting stuff. This is really, really what Arkansas needs. We can benefit by another year of eligibility as much as anyone. 4 coming back, wanting them to all do it together, I’d say CSP is building something special. These players will all want to be together. I’ve got to believe that any lineman that isn’t going in the draft should come back and further their education while they try to improve their position into the draft. It just seems like a no-brainer for me. And, they know they’ve got a coach they will enjoy playing for and will help them in both Davis and CSP. Just a great opportunity for those guys, I think.

I’ve got to believe the first 4 are: Clary, Cunningham, Kern and Warren.

btw: dd left out a few more seniors: Marshall, Hammonds

What about Morgan!

I think that’s someone that we need back for sure, I just don’t think he’s in the first 4 that DD wrote about.

As I understand it Grant hopes to go to medical school. I don’t know if he’s been accepted or not. If he has been accepted, he could conceivably defer admission for a year. But he’s got that decision on his plate, football vs. med school.

I hope ALL of them come back. If they don’t count against the numbers…cmon! Stay! Personally, these are the ones I believe we really NEED that we just might get (I assume Franks and Marshall are gone…wouldn’t it great if I were not though?):

Morgan - dude is a baller…we need LBer depth…but we also need him as the super sr starter
Clary- He played well this year. If you don’t have superstars, then OLDER offensive lineman are gold
Cunningham - see above
Warren - I am not sure we NEED Devion…but it sure would be nice to have him. He was playing some great ball.

Kern would be nice too…and it would nice to see Gerald actually have a proper season of injury free tackle football!

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