Senior night - Whitt and Bailey

It is always an emotional evening for me watching our Hog seniors play for one final time at BWA. Watching their family walk with them on to the court and get a big hug from the coach always brings a lump in the throat.

This particular one is going to be even more emotional, watching Jimmy Whitt play his final home game at the same place he played his first home game, similar to one Sunday Adebayo. Kind of like Major League Baseball players destined to go into HOF, sign one final contract with the club they played most with.

Presence of Dusty Hannahs and influx of Macon and Barford probably drove Jimmy away from Arkansas, but I am thankful to Coach Muss for bringing Jimmy back to Arkansas for that one final season. And Jimmy did not just come back but became glue to the team and had a banner season.

Well done and thanks Jimmy.

I remember when Bailey committed, there was a video that showed Bailey talking about what he wanted to do at Arkansas. I thought that was one of the most articulate by a recruit and left a permanent impression with me. Bailey didn’t quite accomplish what he said he would, but I am thrilled in his final year, due to circumstances he was able to play at the position he played in high school and get comfortable and make a significant contribution to the most important wins Hogs had this year.

Thanks Adrio for the four years. I will remember you as one if the most athletic Hogs.

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