Senior captains talked a lot about offseason accountability yesterday

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Obviously everyone is going to say the right things and talk the talk about working hard in the offseason, but the senior captains at SEC Media Days gave some examples of how they’ve tried to improve accountability through their leadership this offseason.

I’m glad they are saying all the right things

At least they are smart enough to do so and connected enough to present a united front and message

Now - let’s see them back it up

What did the ole evil Genius at UF (and USC) call it

"Talking Season’

Arkansas at least is talking right
But we have heard this before

Ready for wins and getting out of the basement and a return to respectability

I’m not sure anyone respects Arkansas anymore - you got to win to earn that - otherwise

It’s just words

When I read this my initial reaction was to poo poo it as more talk. That may be true. But it also made me think about the '98 Hogs who were undefeated until the Tennessee game. The '98 team had a very rough previous year that led to Danny Ford getting fired. So is it possible? I guess so but I won’t believe it until I see them come out on the field.

There are a lot of teams that have bounced back from disappointing seasons. The national championship team had gone 5-5 the year before when picked to win the SWC, so the seniors elected to go through spring practice when they didn’t have to do it.

The 5 a.m. workout might be nothing more than an interesting footnote to media day, but I think teams typically do better when the older players are leading by example and not just by mouth.

I have the same sentiments. I can’t shake the terrible loss at the Belk Bowl. We were there and you could see the total demeanor of the team change after the VT scored their first touchdown. In fact, I turned to my wife and said we just lost this game. I have never seen a Razorback football team just give up like at this Bowl game. I hope I never witness it again.

I don’t disagree with you Matt. The 98 team had some players, like Burls, Lucas, Clint, etc. who stepped up and led. It certainly can’t hurt to have good senior leadership. I’m just going to reserve my optimism until I see what the first couple of games looks like.

We have to recognize the frustration the defensive players had with the Def Scheme and Robb Smith’s adjustments. It permeated the whole team after it caused the offense to have to score on every possession to counter the matador scheme.

The key to improvement lies in the running game. If there is a running game, then things will change for this team over what happened down the stretch to last year’s team. That will help the defense. That will help the quarterback. There are tidbits of good insight elsewhere in this thread, but the thing that matters most is the running game. It hurt that Rawleigh Williams was lost. He would have been a big part of the running game. But the offensive line must lead the way. It’s important for all football teams, but it’s the most important aspect of Bielema’s teams. The O-line must get right.

As Clay said

The OLine must be right with a Coach Bret team

A good OLine that protects Austin - I think it will be competive

Now defense? 3-4 let’s see

Special teams?

I know everybody thinks I like to bash for the sake of bashing, but that’s not my intent here. Am I the only one concerned that a coach who came in preaching about building a fundamentally sound program that wouldn’t beat itself -a disciplined program - fielded a team in the 4th year of his tenure that apparently lacked accountability and was so fragile mentally? On one hand it’s great to hear players saying everybody is bought in, but why in the heck is it taking this long for that to be the case?

I love to hear the 4th year or this and that year.
What does that have to do with anything?

You are obliviously a very passionate fan but look at it honestly

What do he inherit when he arrived?

A 4-8 team that players were in control and the recruiting was going no where from Smith
CBB got Alex Collins and Kirkland,think what that class would be without it

It takes time to retool the roster especially if you are going from one type of offense to another

Then Ash left/was asked to leave because he was horrible

I will give him a 2 year pass just from that

The def the past 2 years is one him because he hired Rob Smith and let it get away from him.

I understand what you are saying. I don’t necessarily think he had the assistant coaches in place that “bought in” to his system. That’s his fault to a degree. He may have thought he had the right people, but for whatever reason, they under-performed. From what I have read, it seems the players last year were affected by some in-house fighting by the assistants. CRS may have seen the writing on the wall with the hiring of Coach Rhoades to lead the secondary and wouldn’t budge on his scheme.

But, yes, I agree it has taken longer than it should. And I think everybody on this board is concerned about the program heading in the right direction. Most, though, are willing to let it play out and not bash him with every message. That time will come, if and when CBB fails to get the job done. He has done well before in a Power 5 conference. It may not have been the SEC, but going to three straight Rose Bowls (I know he didn’t coach in the last one) is not just whistling Dixie. That’s hard to do, no matter how up or down the Big Ten was. So those who are trying to remain optimistic are willing to give him some more time before giving up on him.

Besides, our program really needs some stability that hasn’t been here since the last two years of the HDN tenure.

There is little doubt that it was a disappointment that the accountability had to be revisited after the fourth year. I noted that last winter and it’s fair for Jackson to mention it as a concern in his mind. Opinions are fair.

But, I’ll say that it’s not uncommon for coaches to have to reboot and reinstall their foundation. Frank Broyles had to do it after the slip in 1964. One of the things that I came upon not long ago when researching the spring of 1963 and a look at the 1964 media guide was all of the concern about the defense heading into the championship season. That defense was talked about as being one of the least experienced that Broyles had fielded to that point. I don’t know if this defense has extreme capabilities as that one did with young studs like Loyd Phillips and Harry Jones (both true sophomores) and Jim Williams (not a projected starter).

One of the concerns that I have for this defense is that you generally have a transition period when installing a new scheme. But, I also know that passion is the key to playing good defense. The Hogs lost that last year to a great degree and seemed to have it back last spring under Paul Rhoads. That’s the high point for this scheme, that the players believe in both the scheme and the coach installing it. As they say, we’ll see.

I was a big fan of the Rhodes hire. Thought his teams at Iowa State played very hard, seldom beat themselves, and on several occasions beat teams with much better talent.

Hope he can get the defense to play hard and fundamentally sound.

I agree about the passion. I think the same players that looked mediocre last year will look markedly better in this scheme they believe in. Our LB’s were out of position on pass coverage so much that the Secondary had to pick up the LB’s missed coverage. I know that it makes you play a few steps slow if you are having to watch for misses by LB’s while you are trying to cover your guy. I expect a much better LB Corp with D Harris, Dre, Eugene and Ramsey; because they will cover less area with better athletes. I loved Brooks Ellis but that scheme made him cover too much area without speed.