Senate resolution for the NCAA

I am in full support.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … SR19.pdf[/”>[/</LINK_TEXT>

I guess I don’t know how to paste a url. Help anyone?

That’s the only good thing the legislature has done this whole session. :smiley:

This should work … s/SR19.pdf

I can’t figure out who they’re talking about, because they don’t designate whether it’s University of Arkansas –Fayetteville or UALR…


This and other national media talk on bad officiating on AR game, should get the attention of the NCAA. I am guessing that This bad publicity and the fact AR nearly beat NC, only saved by the Whistle, you wouldn’t see them paired against AR for a few years to come.

I like it. Seems the AR Senate can get far more done and certainly better than the US Senate. Oh, they don’t have cuck u sumer do they. Must be the reason.

:lol: :lol: