SEMO at Arkansas

It’s 45 baseball degrees at beautiful Baum-Walker Stadium.
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Got the B team in there again today hopefully they will come through for us

Beautiful throw by Polk!!

After 1

Got a run on three hits…good start

why are we not seeing the MPH?? nothing more frustrating than not knowing how hard they’re throwing

After 2

We’re getting in the stadium.

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wow! What has been the hold up?

Threw that ball right by Wegner at 93 . He will see a 100 Fri.

After 3

Bybee throwing around 90. Seems like I thought he threw in the 93-94 range

You put it there they’ll bang it and we got a tie game

Swing the bat Jones!!

Same applies to SEMO pitching too

Robinette can hit the ball… he hit two or three bombs in the scrimmages. Goes up there to hit the ball …my kind of guy

Well I just got home had to take a shirt road trip.
It sounds like Bybee gave up a few walks and 1 homer. The hogs have some just enough to stay out front. Robinette has some pop.

He’s been inconsistent but he’s got good stuff it’s just a matter of him getting his mechanics down and he’ll be fine

After 4

On radio it sounded like he had no issue getting to the 2 strike count just couldn’t get the out on those 3 walks